Girl Scout robbed after taking cookie order; suspect is 12


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Jul 29, 2003
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Girl Scout robbed after taking cookie order; suspect is 12

Associated Press
Published on: 01/15/08

Savannah — A Girl Scout who was robbed while selling cookies in her neighborhood led police straight to a 12-year-old suspect – who wrote her name and address on a cookie order form before the theft.

The Girl Scout, 10-year-old Nicole Grant, wasn't injured. She tearfully told police she was out selling cookies with a friend when a girl ordered cookies from her, then snatched Nicole's zip-top bag containing $28 in cookie money and fled on a bicycle.

"She's still a little shook up, but she's fine," said Chris Grant, the Girl Scout's father, adding that his daughter went back to school the day after she was robbed Sunday.

Savannah-Chatham County police said they tracked down the suspect using the order form Nicole told them the girl had filled out before stealing her money. The Girl Scout later identified her as the thief.

According to a police report, the young suspect denied stealing the money when questioned by police. Her mother declined to comment when reached by phone Tuesday.

Susan Reefer, director of fund development for the local Girl Scout Council, said it's the first time a Girl Scout has been robbed while selling cookies in Savannah – the place where Juliette Gordon Low founded the organization in 1912.

According to Girl Scout policy, Nicole should have had a parent or other adult with her. Reefer said the council insists Girl Scouts aged 6 to 11 have adult supervision when making sales during cookie season, which starts in January and goes into March.

"All the girls in that age range must be accompanied by an adult at all times – taking orders, delivering cookies, any cookie activity," Reefer said.

Grant said he didn't know his daughter had left home with her cash bag to make sales, which she had been told not to do without supervision.

"But you learn from your mistakes," Grant said. "And she understands that now."

what parent lets their 10 year old girl go out and knock on strangers door to collect orders and money? These days it's not a good ideal
Bastard on a bike :cmad:

But then, the girl shouldn't have been alone to start with. Mmm..cookies.
That will teach those girls for wearing those stupid little caps. :oldrazz:

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