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Sep 25, 2004
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Welcome to the thread where you can group together your new mutants or ones you made up a long time ago. Not for a novel, not for a series, not for anything except as boredom busters. You can create a few stupid characters as long as their not too stupid. Just don't take advantage of my generous allotment. I want to see some serious ones, too. And you will be flamed if you go overboard. Other than that, just have fun!

For those who still don't get it, here's one of mine as an example:

Flash Flood
Name: Dina Powers
Power: Can bring forth and control blasts of water from any source. When used by a river, this can cause mud flows.

Name: Derek Freeman
Power: Can bring forth and control a superhot, lava-like liquid from cracks and fissures in the earth.

Name: Andrew Wald
Power: Can grind tectonic plates together with his mind, thus causing massive earthquakes.

Name: Rick Blinner
Power: Can create and control huge whirlwinds.

Name: Erica LeSoew
Power: Can create unseasonable snow and freeze things.

Well that's it. Happy creating!
Those kids who go to Xaivier's school:

Two for One

Real Names: Hary and Josh Lawton.

Mutation: Conjoined twins.

Quoted as to saying:

Hary: Dating has been kind of aqward for us.

Josh: Having sex with someone with your brother right next to you, doesn't really put you in the mood.


Real Name: Niles Cranson

Mutation: Six fingers on each hand.

Quoted as saying: Why the **** to sentinels want to kill me? All I can do with my mutation is type fast! How the **** is that a threat to national security?!


Real Name: Ashley Sage

Mutation: Born with three livers.

Quoted as saying: What a crappy power. I mean, I don't even LIKE to drink!


Real Name: Caroline Grimm

Mutation: Born with a third vestigial arm on her right side.

Quoted as saying: Boys don't find me atractive.


Real Name: Terry Hughes

Mutation: Superhuman sense of smell.

Quoted as saying: They said they wanted mutants. Didn't say we had to be useful.
Those Mutant Guys, or whatever

real name: John Soltrane
mutation: Is apparently the only white guy who can dance.
Quote: You feelin' that? Hah!

Real Name: Brenda Rodd
mutation: Can reproduce any sound she has ever heard.
Quote: Boi-oi-oi-oing.

Real Name: Gerald Nara
Mutation: Can travel up to 5 minutes into his own future.
Quote: The primary usage for the timeskip thing is, like, reconnaisance, or something.

Real Name: Ryan Wainright
Mutation: Can channel the dead. Currently possessed by Dick Nixon, who refuses to leave.
Quote: Shut up, dammit!
Those hot mutants

Real Name: Unknown
Mutation: Can make stupid-girls not stupid

Real name:Oprah Winfrey
Mutation: Can make money

Real name: Paris Hilton
Mutation: Can make things hot
Quote: that's Hot

Real Name:Unknown
Mutation: Can make peoples dance using their chest
Creatures of the NIght

Name: Unknown
Powers: Can move through the shadows, and becomes the thing you most fear.

Name: Unknown
Powers:Super strength, blind but sees through sound
Insensitive, unrealistic caricatures who fight for your right to generalize!

The Nubian!
Powers: Incredible athletic abilities, love of fried food.
Quote: Dayum, sucka! Y'all got beat down!

Dr. Heeb!
Powers: Incredible banking abilities, can not be insulted by others (as he's thought of them all already), wins all arguments.
Quote: Oy, why the costumes when it's so hot out? I've shvitzing like mad, I am.

El Mexican!
Powers: Passing all physical obstacles, whether river or fence!
Quote: Que?

Powers: Becomes a living hulk of a woman whenever a man is in a position of power.
Quote: Die, Penis-haver!

General Redneck!
Powers: Irrational hatred of all minorities, gifted with a thirty-ought-six, has transformed his double wide trailer into a "Fortress of Ass-Kickin'".
Quote: Get the hell outta mah way, son! It's half-time, and I'm low on hooch!

and lastly, Buggery Boy!
Powers: Imeccable dancer, dresser, groomer.
Quote: We are just. So. Super!

That's right, it's the Living Stereotypes! Emobdying everything you've EVER thought about an entire group of people when you were in a bad mood and thinking irrationally! Coming this fall, only on FOX.
To everyone except supercash...*volcanic flame*
I am thinking about giving my exemplatory team, The Natural Disasters, their own story on the hype. Keep an eye out for it.
Same goes for Rictor.
Yeah... You could call him "Richter." It sounds the same, but it's German for "Judge."
Very well. I will change Rictor to Richter and Magma to Vent (as in a volcanic vent). This will hopefully avert further controversy.
Ambush/Trevor Gershwin: Teleportation ability allows him to displace himself anywhere within his line of sight by opening up disc-shaped spacial portals that he slides through. These portals are ususally only large enough to fit him, though if he concentrates hard enough he can fit one or two other people. He can also teleport to nearby locations he can't see if he's seen them in the last hour or so, and if he can picture the place in his mind. He is extremely adept at using his portals in combat, allowing him to attack in multiple places at once. His secondary ability allows him to intuitavely know the location of any person he's had physical contact with in the last 24 hours. He doesn't psychically locate them or track them with some extra sense, he just knows where they are at any given moment.

Hybrid/Andrea Pratt: Gene-synthesis ability allows her to absorb and store the genetic information of any living organism upon physical contact. She can then realign her genetic template to fuse her own genes with the genetic information she absorbed so that fifty percent of her dna is her own and 50 percent is that of the other organism. This physically mutates her into a hybrid depending on the organism. If she absorbs an animal she takes on the creature's traits such as fur, fangs, claws, scales, feathers, gills, etc. If she absorbs a human she is transformed into an amalgam of the two people, retaining traits from both. If that person happens to have superhuman abilities she takes on those as well but only at half their potency. When absorbing a male organism, her female chromosomes override the incoming male ones, allowing her to maintain her own sex.

Armor/Zacharias Dj'aiut: Skin is composed of an unknown, impenetrable, sectioned material of purple coloration. This being his natural state, he is practically invincible and possesses formidable super-strength. Secondary ability allows him to open up and reform his sectioned body around an individual as a form of bio-morphic armor. While in this state he shares a telepathic link with his wearer and is able to restructure parts of his armor-form as weapons such as blades, clubs, etc.

Ghost/Tommy Wilks: Phasing ability allows him to alter the vibrational frequency of his atomic structure to varying degrees. Depending on the level of vibration he can render himself intangible, invisible, sound-negative, scent-negative, heat-negative, and psionically undetectable. He has mastered the alteration of his atomic structure and can use all the effects at once at which point he borders on non-existence. In his invisible state, Tommy cannot see since the light that would normally be absorbed by his eyes simply passes through him. Similarly in his intangible state, he cannot breathe since the oxygen molecules he would normally inhale pass through his body. As such he wears a special mask in these states which has special optic and respiratory systems.

Migraine/Adam Peters: Psionic absorption ability allows him to gather psionic energy in the brain of another living organism in condensed forms until the victim's mind is so saturated that the energy bursts out. Depending on the strength of the "brain-bomb" it can cause dizziness, pain, unconciousness, seizures, a coma, brain-damage, or death. Upon release of the energy Adam momentarily sees the memories of the victim, the clairty and duration of these memories also depends on the strength of the "brain-bomb."

Flux/Lillian Dellacoix: Constantly generates an invisible energy field around her body that in its natural state has no effect. This energy has an unstable vibrational frequency, so that when it comes in contact with another energy form it draws on that energy and instantly shifts its vibrations to match that energy. This allows Lillian to take any energy she comes in physical contact with, manifest it, and redirect it. She can do this through contact with the energy itself, allowing for the strongest effect or through a generator source of the energy. For instance if she came in contact with an electrical generator she would be able to discharge electrical bolts. If she comes in contact with a superhuman who posseses any type of energy based ability she can manifest that type of energy. This ability also renders her immune to almost all forms of harmful radiation and energy.

Real Name: Hannah Whittmore
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eyes: Variable
Hair: Variable
Powers: Subconcious psionically coordinated metamorphic abilities cause her to scan the mind of an individual detecting what would be their greatest desire. This psychic data then rewrites her own DNA to shapeshift into that form. If more than one person is around, her appearance keeps changing until it settles on a form that is equally pleasing to the given individuals. Hannah has no control over this mutation and as such her appearance constantly alters when she's around others. There are only two situations when her appearance is in its natural form. First when she's alone, however if she looks at herself in a mirror, she shapeshifts into her own greatest desire. The second is when she's alone with her twin sister, Holly as their abilities have no effect on each other. Her abilities cause her much emotional stress as she is having difficulty remembering what she actually looks like other than seeing old photos. Named after the greek god of desire.

Real Name: Holly Whittmore
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 121 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Powers: Psionically coordinated metamorphic abilities allow her to scan the mind of an individual detecting what would be their nightmare. She is then able to use this psychic data to rewrite her own DNA to shapeshift into that form. Holly, unlike her sister, has complete control over this ability and as such is able to maintain a base appearance. Her changes range from other people to animals to bizzare creatures. Holly's abilities don't work on her twin sister, Hannah. Holly is very shameless in the use of her powers and has been known to abuse them on occasion. Named after the sumerian godess of nightmares.


Real Name: Jeff O'Connel
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Powers: Jeff's mutation has caused his mind to expand into its own separate dimension, however this does not change his intellect or personality in any discernible way. Jeff has the ability to pull anybody's psyche into his "mindscape" as he calls it. There, time has no meaning whatsoever. What might seem like hours, days, weeks, months, or years even, actually happens within the space of a moment in the real world. There is no forseen limit to how many psyches Jeff can pull in and when there Jeff has complete control of the psychic reality; he can alter the landscape, or manifest any object he desires. He can't read minds but he is able to use his mindscape as an interrogation room, so at times it may seem like he can read minds since this interrogation takes place between seconds. He also uses the mindscape for strategizing with teammates, as well as sort of a psychic danger-room training experience.


Real Name: Michael Ellington
Age: 19
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 142 lbs.
Hair: None
Eyes: Black

Powers: Michael's mutation provides him with a unique energy signature that acts as a magnet for other mutant energies. His energy constantly pulls other mutant powers into his own body. However, the atomic bonds between a mutant physiology and its energy signature are too strong for Michael's power to overcome. However, when a mutant is dead, these bonds are destabilized and weakened, allowing Michael to absorb those abilities. The more abilites he absorbs the less room there is and therefore each ability's potency weakens. As a result of absorbing these energies, some trace brainwave patterns of the deceased are picked up as well, giving him aspects of their personalties as well. He is able to deabsorb an ability but once he does, that energy signature dissipates and he can never use it again. Michael has chosen to forever keep the strength and speed of Thunderbird, and the sonic scream of Banshee, though his current power template includes the pyrokinetics of Pyro, and the translation abilities of Cypher. If somebody comes back from the dead, the atomic bonds between them and their powers are restored, ripping the powers from Michael back to them, an extremely painful experience for Michael, which is why he refuses to utilize any powers from Jean Grey. As a sideaffect of his mutation, Michael's skin is a dark grey color.


Real Name: Munroe Williams
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 154 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Powers/Abilities: Munroe's mutation causes his body to generate an increased amount of biokinetic energy and store it in his body's cells which are uniquely constructed in order to hold these enrergies without burning out. Munroe can use this energy to charge any inorganic object through touch. Visibly, the object is completely normal and the energy can be stored there for a long duration of time. However if any living creature touches the object, the energy instantly transfers to their body's cells which are incapable of storing it. This results in a powerful discharge from the victim's body causing extreme pain that can lead to unconciousness, paralysis, or even death. Munroe is learning to fine tune his power and can psionically shape the formation of the energy upon release, into powerful energy bindings that can ensare his victim rather than knock them out. If Munroe were to directly charge living creature they stand very little chance of survival as organic material in general cannot store his energy.


Real Name: Tanya Danner
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 123 lbs.
Hair: Dark Red
Eyes: Glowing green
Powers/Abilities: Tanya's mutation causes her body to constantly produce microscopic protein strands with a structure resembling that of a virus. These protein strands are composed of copies of her own genetic code. Tanya is able to infect any other human being with these protein strands through physical contact. Once infected, the protein strands attack and eventually intergrate themselves into the victim's DNA. This in turn causes the victim to transform, body and mind, into a fully independent and sentient clone of Tanya. Since they are technically one and the same person, Tanya's clones share the same ideas and motivations as the original allowing them to generally cooperate. The effects are temporary, and depending on the viral load can last anywhere from an hour to 12 hours.


Real Name: Kyle Karpen
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Powers/Abilities: Enhanced perceptory mutation allows Kyle to see and mentally map the planes of motion of any moving object. This allows him to predict with near 100% accuracy the path of any object moving towards him as well as any object he has thrown, making him a superb marksman. Kyle's mind is mentally adapted to receive this information fast enough so that he has complete control over his reflexes. In addition his body is adapted to react to immediate threats, he possess extreme agility, dexterity, and endurance. Kyle also possesses the ability to temporarily enhance his mental state, detatching his motor functions from his cognitive abilities. This allows him to act completely upon instinct from second to second, giving him an edge in any combat situation as well as keeping his enemy, telepathic or not, from predicting his moves.

Note: Kyle's mutation did not manifest at puberty as is the general case with mutants. Instead it happened when he was well into his thirties, as such his abilities are still new to him and he is still unsure how to gain full discipline over them.

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