Guild Wars

I've started playing again and I have finally ascended my warrior.
I haven't been playing Guild Wars this winter. (I know im a bad person) but I have been playing adventure quest which is like a 2-D version of Guild Wars. :D

Ah, the excitement. Grats on the ascending, took me forever till I found out all you really need is a pet ;)

My guild is doing Campaign Blitz's to help people through so look me up if you're on. :)
S/N is a few pages back I think...
Will Guild Wars be getting Will Shatner comercials like WOW?
hi people on the hipe :)

i have a problem a bought this game like 1 year ago and i want to play but i don't remember the mail or the password i still have my activation code here ( i didn't download the game ¬¬ ) do you know if there is a way to recover mi email name or password ...i need both :( I REALLY WANNA PLAY!! I AM ON VACATION!!!!! :(


sorry about the bad english :p
You really need your email address you used, it's the only way to identify you as a user.
mmm.....htere has to be some kind data base.....they say my activation code is already been use so they have to know my e-mail adress
You could try that, just email them explaining your situation with the code provided.
....mmm...i already did that but i have no answer mmm.....the cd has not any kind of telephone number to call or anything...

i am getting desesperate do you know where can i buy another activation code?

how much do they cost?
Go to all the info you need is there :up:
mmmm...i don't findt it...can you send a link :( plz

thanks btw :)
Start at the support page of Guild That page gives some information and also the links to NCSoft Support so that you might file a support ticket.

If I understand correctly you have your registration code, but not your login or password? It would be easiest if you were to identify the email address you were using for the login when you last played Guild Wars. Then you could simply file for a new password. Failing that, you might have to supply several best guesses at what your email was for the account at the time and wait for Support to identify the valid one.

You might also want to try and remember any of the character names you used. Tip: If you took any screenshots these will appear in the "Screens" subdirectory of the "Guild Wars" directory where the game was installed. Any character names you could provide may help Support in pin pointing your old account.
thankk you

the problem is that i never play the game i just made the charactermmm... that's all i remember

after i choose face and you know all that requiresto start the game i try to get into the game but my conecction was so slowwwwwwww that i decide to cancel and play someday in the future

Ah, I see. Well even still, follow the link I gave and take the matter to PlayNC Support. Those are the people who can return your account access to you. :cwink:
ok now they gave the e-mail adress and that if i don't remember the password i must press reset password or something like dat and i'll get the mail with the password

i did that like three times and i got nothing!!!!!

i have some problems with that email adress i almost never "recive" the mails

how can i fix that account?

plz help
i have some problems with that email adress i almost never "recive" the mails
Now that's a separate problem. :wow:

You are probably going to have to tackle that before you can retrieve your password from it. Are you using an email client like MS Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird to access an email account provided by your ISP? If so, then who is your ISP? Or is it some web-based setup like
If it's a hotmail account I would suggest signing in directly into the e-mail account via the hotmail website :)

Which is here

It says 'Windows Live ID' on it, but put in your entire e-mail address. so..for instance: [email protected]

Then type in your password. If you do not know your password, hit the 'forgot your password' linkie under the password box :)

Then check your e-mail

- - - - - - -

If you've already done this then I honestly have ni idea what else you can do. :/ It's insanely hard to contact people for help in hotmail >.<; At least in my experience. But they do have a help page, here:


Also be sure to check your Junk folder. :) Sometimes things get shuffled into there, mistakenly.

Good luck :)
thank you i have my account back and i am playing :)

i have an monje and elementist level 8 i am in the ascalon 2 years after the destructionn

who here plays? i need a partner :)
Grats on getting your account back, unfortunatly I have just about retired from the game, 2 solid years of GW took a lot out of me so now I just log in to say hello to some of my old friends.
thank you i have my account back and i am playing :)

Well that's good news. Well done! :yay:

Now make sure you have your account login and password jotted down and safe for the next time you run into the "I forgot my password" problem. :woot:

Good luck with the game. :yay:

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