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Feb 22, 2003
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Guys and girls.

We need some GOOD H.P. Lovecraft movies, don't you think?
Mr. Lovecraft's stories, are, IMO, some of the best horror stories ever written.
Why haven't they made movies about them?
I mean, Re-Animator was cool and all, but it had a lot of gore and humor.
I want some really cold, atmospheric, pee-in-your-pants horror movies, and Hollywood hasn't taken advantage of those stories.
There's a lot of stuff to explore, the New England stories, the Chtulhu mythos, etc.
Hopefully Mr. del Toro will start the trend with At the Montains of Madness.
He's the man for the job, since Hellboy has a lot of Lovecraftian influences anyway.
Anyway, any favorite stories? Ideas?

PD Please pick up the new Cronos DVD. GREAT slow paced horror movie. And Ron Perlman is in there!
In the Mouth of Madness (1995) starring Sam Neill was the closest I've seen so far at trying to capture the vibe of the Cthulu Mythos. It wasn't too bad, but just goes to show that using cinema to emulate a book story is hard work when you're having to compete with the brain's ability to conjure up "unspeakable horrors" from what the text describes. Another problem is the stories are shrt stories and need a fair amount of 'stretching' to flesh out a film.

I googled "lovecraft movies" and found a page listing some movies based on Lovecraft stories that might interest you. I've seen at least one of these that I can recall and be warned that these film are dodgey attempts at art. The books remain unchallenged.
iam glad to find out that aliens vs predators is stealing the story from at the mountains of madness and the sci fi channel is suposed have re animator on as like a original movie
Sadly, Lovecraft is nearly unfilmable, simply because no one can look at Cthulhu and his ilk without going mad . . . :woot:
A shame, isn't it?

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