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Apr 29, 2002
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Flame me or whatever..but I wanna get my hands on at least one Superman Returns action figure. I've looked around at a few Wal-Mart's here in Orlando but they don't have zilch. I even went to the extent of looking at the nearby unnopened boxes they had laying in the toy aisles one night. Call me a fanboy. I don't care. I haven't seen/found a decent Superman action figure since the "Death of Superman" action figures they released back when Supes "died". I have a lil interest in the Superman "Hush" figure.

I'm not saying that these new SR figures are the best in the world...but it's Supes. Come on! Anyways, if you guys/gals could point me in the direction of some decent looking Superman figures, that would rock. And I'm not looking for "custom", expensive figures or busts. Just some cool as toys. Nuff said! Thanks in advanced!

Hey there. Just so you know, my local Toys R' Us has gotten the toys. I'm not sure if the line is complete, but I only found about 4-5 variations of Superman. I only got the "Clark to Superman." They're priced @ $6.99 and are decent figures. Actually both Toys R' Us had them, so you may want to head out to one. Hope that was of help :) Good luck!
I picked up the "rock throwing" superman at the local wal mart last week. My little boy (3 years old) loves it.

I also got him (from ebay) the K Mart exclusice 12 inch figure. . . . . he loves that one too.

I'm glad superheroes are making a comeback!
I just bought the 30" Superman. Its similar to the Batman one from last year... I wish I got that. They would look sweet together.
marvel legends

all the way.

i've found that if you're looking for good figures that arent quite on the market, buy a boat-load of marvel legends and repaint them.
Nothing SR related at my Wal-Mart (except for the Cap'n Crunch with Supes on the box) or at Target.

The Toys "R" Us next door, on the other hand, has a bunch of figures and accessories. They have X-Ray Vision, Clark-to-Superman, Super Breath, the Punch-n-Crush Gloves, the Fight & Fly Cape, the Krazy Kryptonite, and the 13" Poseable Figure.

Whew. Can't believe I remembered most of those. :o :D
I'm wicked pissed I went to wal-mart the other day and they had nothing except a Superman slip 'n slide.
Scarborough Town Centre Walmart - 30 inch SR toy - I got one on Saturday..looks awesome beside my 30 inch Batman Begins toy!

Check it out!!!
Nothing at Wal-Mart in my town yet, but I went out of town and found some at a different Wal-Mart. I picked up one of each figure.
What doed this 30" superman look like? Is it poseable or just a statue?

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