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We're Reforming Wolverine And The X-men: The Official Action Figure Line from Hasbro

I know man. And while they are OK, they could be a lot better. I don't think the smaller scale works for these types of character designs. It should be a 5-6 inch line like JLU. In fact, I wish the style was more like JLU.
Ahh..I understand. Yeah, it seems that the Hasbro Marvel Team is pumping all of their effort into the Universe and Superhero Squad lines.

I REALLY REALLY hope this line doesn't end! I still want the core X-men!

And if anyone cares, I picked up working on my customs again. Now, I am making a new male body because the last one was'nt turning out well. The female body is coming along nicely but its just very hard to work with because the limbs are very thin.
So does anyone know yet if there is going to be any female figures yet like emma frost,storm,kitty,ect?
The Phoenix, doesn't look like it right now. I didn't see any female figures at SDCC at the Hasbro booth. Sigh :( .
WHAT!!!That sucks someone needs to message them and tell them they need to make some girls. Im a guy and want some cool looking girl figures.I think they realy need to make some girls cause there half the team if they dont that would be just stupid and if they ever make a emma frost figure they should make one with her in her diamond form that would be so cool.

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