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We're Reforming Wolverine And The X-men: The Official Action Figure Line from Hasbro

well, I have been itchin' to start some customs (that I actually really want to do) and have been looking through many in sclae figures and can't seem to find any female sculpts that have ball hips and are slightly animated looking to fit in with the other figures. The closest I have been able to find are the DC infinite heroes females with the v-crotches. Icky I know
So the Sabretooth/Wolverine 2 pack is based off of Jim Lee's designs?
So the Sabretooth/Wolverine 2 pack is based off of Jim Lee's designs?

yes Sabes is at least. Wolvy looks to be amovie design.
Those are the Wolverine Origins Movie Figures.
found these figures at two different TRUs today!!!

I know they said 3 3/4 but they look so tiny and awesome. I got Avalanche and Logan. I was disappointed with some of them though. Magneto, Iceman and cyclops all look awesome, but have no knee joints and iceman is permanently kneeling which sucks. Colossus is huge and he'll be my next buy. Beast, Logan and Wolvie all have good looking articulation and Avalanche is a statue almost but I wanted someone for logan to beat up on lol
Duppy, congrats.

Where were the TRU's you found them located? Suckas gots to know!
A lot of these figures are starting to pop up on Ebay and while looking at many pics, I discovered that these are HORRIBLY out of scale with one another. Logan looks to be almost as tall as Colossus. Wolverine is taller than Cyclops and Magneto by way too much and their heads are all out of proportion. Also, Iceman is very tall even while kneeling. Imagine if he stood up, he would be taller than Colossus.

I am very dissapointed in the scale of this line. I cant imagine Hasbro making more of these figures in future waves that are in scale with eachother. They will just make more, out of scale ones.

However, I guess since the official toys are out of scale, do my customs have to be in scale? It would make life a whole lot easier if they weren't exactly to scale. I am kinda leaning toward not worrying about the scale too too much now.
I wonder whether BK or McD's will get the rights for happy/kids meal tie ins?

Off hand, I'd say BK since they've handled all the Marvel toys until now but McDonalds is doing "sPectacular sPider-Man" happy meals next week. Of course that might just be because sPidey's coming to a Disney channel. And since W&TXM's on Nicktoons, BK might still be a safe bet since they handle Nickelodeon tie ins.
Duppy, congrats.

Where were the TRU's you found them located? Suckas gots to know!

sorry for taking forever to reply! I found them at the Langhorne, PA toys r us and the Toys r us on cottman ave in philadelphia. Langhorne had the better selection of the two.

Just a note to those wondering about the scale too...it does seem a bit off. My logan is taller than avalanche, but avalanche is also in a permanent squatting position. Colossus is thick and tall and iceman is tiny, but stuck in that pose unfortunately :(

I'll probably pick up Colossus and Iceman and eventually Magneto. I'd love it if they made a sentinel for this line since thats one of the main plots of the whole series
Blob's legs are about the grossest part of a toy I've ever seen.
picked up the beast figure from a TRU in willow grove today...when I left there was 2 logans, 2 wolvies, 1 cyclops, 1 colossus and 1 avalanche. Beast isn't too bad. He's packaged in a squat position and I assumed he'd be able to stand taller with his leg articulation but I was wrong. He's can stand a little bit taller, but is signifigantly shorter than logan.
Overall the figures are OK. I think they could've been a lot better.

Hasbro is going a little too crazy with this scale. I would've preferred a more 5 inch scale for this series. Make it more like Justice League than GI JOE.

Colossus and Wolverine are probably my favorites in the series thus far. I actually like the snap on claws.
One thing they could never realy get right is Cyc's optic blast.

I remember the old school toy, with the switch on his back to light his beams up, I thought at the time that was just beyond awesome.

But what they have now, it looks like a tounge sticking out of his eyes. Hard to really get that down to a toy.
Well ive been after a Cyclops figure since I first saw the pics online.

Saw these figures for the first time in shops today...


Seriously? thats it? Ive seen better quality Happy Meal Toys. And £8? Hasbro are really starting to take the piss. The old 90s figures were better than this rubbish.
That said, I do miss ToyBiz/Marvel Toys X-men figures a lot more.

The X-men Evolution figures weren't always great, but I generally think they were better executed than these.
BBTS has the next few waves up.

Series 3:

1x Forge ----new!
1x Toad ----new!

2x Wolverine
1x Avalanche
1x Beast
2x Logan
1x Logan
1x Nightcrawler
2x Wolverine

Series 4:

2x Iceman (costume) ----new!
2x Logan (white shirt) ----new!
2x Wolverine
2x Iceman
2x Beast
2x Logan

kinda sucks that many old figures are being released with the newer waves.

Series 3 is slated for May
Series 4 is slated for June
But then again, BBTS has series 2 (which is already out) for May

IMO Hasbro's biggest problems with these are the character choices (girls please!), the inconsistent articulation, and the scale issues.
Thanks atgscl.

I like the new characters, but still no females.
I spent the afternoon updating my site so now all of the figure lists are up to date and have pics of figures through series 3.

Those look good, but I think Beast's blue is too light and "civilian" Wolverine is pretty meh.
This are a very very cool new additions to the line!! BUT where are the girls?? This line needs Storm, Rogue and Emma Frost, they have to made them first and then if they want to xpand the line (as jlu toy lines) they can add the other femmes like shadowcat, scarlet witch, domino, mystique and Jean Grey (with a uniform)
yeah really. Hasbro seems to think that since this toyline is aimed at kids much more so than collectors, that the girls wont sell. Once they make a girl figure and it sells like hotcakes, they'll get the idea and we'll see more.

Now if the toyline makes it to that point...thats another story.
Yeah totally agree, hope they add more chars in the series that follows this, they have to add archangel, quicksilver too! :D this show rocks!!

Hey guys, not really action figures from Hasbro, but some nice looking statues from Side Show Collectibles/One2One.

Love the sculpts! I wish the figures were sculpted more like that. Those are spot on with the character designs in the show.

Also, was anyone else bummed that SDCC has come and gone and there was no news of any future waves of figures? :csad:

Hopefully Hasbro will suprise us and just release another wave shortly. If not, then hopefully when season 2 rolls around Hasbro will make new figures again.
I agree. Not counting from much on Hasbro right now. They are too focused on smaller scales.

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