Superman Returns Have your thoughts about the suit changed?

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Apr 27, 2005
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Hello all,

I'm new here, so I don't know if this has been discussed elsewhere, so please forgive me if it has.

Well, we've had quite a few new pics of Superman in his suit ( pretty darn good ones, I might add ). And, we've gotten a much better look at it.

So, I was just wondering if any one has had a change of heart about Supe's new suit.

Has the suit grown on you (for those who didn't really like it at the beginning)?

I think, for me, it definately has!!!! When I saw the very first picture, I felt "meh" and underwhelmed. Especially after what Batman got in Batman Begins.

But now, after seeing all these new pics, I must say that it looks fantastic. Especially with the right lighting ( a rich, darker blue).

And, when you compare the new suit with all the other Live Action suits, the new one looks the most "real world"

I guess my only complaint about the suit would be that the shield should be just a tad bigger, the red just a tad brighter, and the trunks just a tad longer. And, perhaps, Routh just a tad bit muscular. But, right now, I think those are minor issues, which could easily be corrected for the sequels.

And, except for the KID issue, I think (and hope) this is going to be a very grand and epic movie.

So, what are your thoughts?
I think this idea for a thread has been way overdone...and really all you are gonna get is a bit o' flame on both sides (lovers and haters).

Really, I reserve judgement (except about the kid, like yourself), til i see a) a longer trailer and/or b) the actual movie.

Though nice try at a new thread rookie, and welcome to the Hype bud, it's good to have you :D
Not really, no. My dissappointment has spread to other aspects of the film, so I'm not as *****y about the suit anymore, if that counts...
No. Not at all. Still hate the stupid thing. Actually, scratch that. It has changed. I hate it even more now than when I first saw it.
My opinion on the suit has stayed possitive throughout.
I don't mind the suit. It incorporates all the required items (S Sheild, red cape, boots, blue suit and yellow belt) but modernises them a bit. As long as it is explained why the suit is different to the Reeves suit, as it is a substantual departure, I'll be happy.:supes:
The VERY FIRST TIME I saw the first released pic of Routh as Supes in the new suit, I couldn't help but to feel a little dissapointed.. But I thought Routh looked GREAT! I've always liked Routh, and even more now!
I think he'll do a great job!.. And I can HONNESTLY say that my feelings on the new suit has changed for the BETTER..
I've always loved the bit darker collors, I think that's cool! I've always thought that the new 'S' logo was beautiful (from the very first time I saw it. It was classic yet updated a bit)!! The size of the logo on the chest anyhow bothered me in the begining, but not anymore...
I think it's sad that they've removed the yellow 'S' on the cape though!!! That bugs me a great deal. Singer said that the reason for that was because they wanted to focus on the 'S' on the chest...hmm...fair enough... than would he care to explain why the bad place he made an 'S' for a beltbuckle!!??? While many find it a bit cheasy I think it looks rather cool, and yet I find it a bit tacky.. I have mixed feelings about it. The boots, while many have the most LAME complaints about those, I find them cool and very stylish! I dont mind the fact that the neckline has been covered all the way up, although if it was lowered (like in the old Reeve suit) it might have given Routh a braughter shoulder look??... The material in which the suit has been made in, I absolutely LOVE!!! I love the structure of it! It looks very unique!

All in all I think the suit is very beautiful, and I believe it'll look even more so on the big screen! Routh looks great... everything will be...great!:)
I like everything except I wish the reds were...well, redder or brighter. I also don't like the 's shield' texture in the actual 'S' shield now that I've noticed it. Oh, and the 'S' shield buckle is kinda weird, but I can live with it. I wish the actual 'S' symbol on his chest was larger and not nearly as '3D'.

I liked it the first time I saw it really, and I was among a lot of posters who did not. I would have preferred the classic suit at the time, but I've now come to realize the new suit is the way to go.
^ we've been so focused on the old suit because that's what we've always seen in the movies.. It was beautiful for its time (and still is), but it looks too much of a pyjamas now at days.. It's tottally outdated.. I think it's so cool that they've managed to keep the new suit classic and yet updated it..

The only real complaint I would have, is the fact that they've completely removed the yellow 'S' on the cape, THAT BOTHERS ME A GREAT DEAL!
My thoughts on the Reeves Suit have changed, I think it looks orangey and way to bright now. It's crazy how that happened.
No, my feelings haven't changed. The suit still has a fundamental proportional design problem (shield, collar, briefs, boots) that makes it look weak and deflated. I won't speak on the colours until I see how they look on the screen.
buggs0268 said:
No. Not at all. Still hate the stupid thing. Actually, scratch that. It has changed. I hate it even more now than when I first saw it.
Buggsy, when it comes to these questions you don't even need to say anything more than "read my sig, noob." It's like a bumper sticker of suit-hatred.:)
Who else finds it just friggin cool that we will see at least 2 different super suits?
My thoughts have changed, I thought the movie was going to be horrible in the beginning, and I disliked Routh and the suit very much. Now I've grown to realize that this is better for the movie. I'm with Showtime, when I go back and look at the reeve suit, it seems too bright.
KaptainKrypton said:
Buggsy, when it comes to these questions you don't even need to say anything more than "read my sig, noob." It's like a bumper sticker of suit-hatred.:)

ROFL, I was thinking the same thing.

It would be funny if he posted something like, "OMG I LUV IT!!"
I was definitely in the camp that thought the color scheme was too bland at first. After I'd seen some of the manipped corrections done by a few hypesters that fixed the saturation (don't know if that's right) problem, then I began to understand exactly what they were going for with the changes. After I saw the globe pic, I knew it would look amazing onscreen and that I'd finally got a glimpse of the finished product in it's real ambience. As for the rest of the design functions, I thought they were fine from the get go. I didn't want a repeat of the Donner suit because the craftsmanship was okay for its day, but that suit is nowhere near the quality of the new one (in my eyes). I've been used to seeing the suit interpreted differently by various artists over the years and I grew up watching Super Friends, the Salkind movies, and also the Fleischer toons, so the changes didn't piss me off like I know it did some others. I, for one, can't wait to see Superman take flight this summer.
SolidSnakeMGS said:
ROFL, I was thinking the same thing.

It would be funny if he posted something like, "OMG I LUV IT!!"
I would've appreciated that, too. I also would like to see a pic of him walking around town wearing a sandwich board that shows the first promo pic with a "buster" sign over it.
Speaking of desaturation...what happened to KaKarot69? I think he went to Florida right?
I was pretty disappointed when I saw the first official photo. (still don't think it's a good one), but have gotten used to the look and like it better now that I've seen some much better shots. I still think Singer could have done a lot better, but I have a hunch it'll look decent in action. Looking forward to the movie!
I have loved it since the first promo pic. To me, it is more interesting and a better concept than anything else done in the Superman movies...and it doesn't look like a set of children's pajamas from K-Mart or something.

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