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The Dark Knight Heath Ledger Dead - ALL talk/rememberance and discussion in here

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Gamma Ray

Aug 16, 2004
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Just saw this on TV. I think I gonna be sick.
I just saw the news, he's dead. May god rest his soul, this is highly sad news man.
It's on MSNBC right now. Be back when I found out more.:wow:
Oh my God, I can't believe this. I just heard it on CNN, and it is indeed true.
So sad, he was so young and talented.
Same here, absolutely shocked. A terrible, terrible loss.
NO ****ING WAY!!! **** man this really really pissed me off. I need a dub sack pronto. ****!!!

R.I.P. Heath man I really really really hope this **** ain't true if true talk about untapped potential, ****.
My brother JUST called me and told me, i had to log on here to see if anyone has heard about this, and if it's true
Man, right now I don't even care about the dark knight movies, this is sad news man. It sucks, he was young and a good actor.
Feels like a punch in the face. I'm actually in shock. Anxious to find out details.
WTF?!?! This is unreal! Are you guys for real?? I knew there was going to be a twist but this is just too much!
Im still in shock reading this.....but how the hell are the WB going to market this film now?

This is beyond ****ing creepy

Will they replace the Joker, should he make an apperance in the 3rd film?

Im speechless and Im sorry if this is inappropiate
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