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Feb 11, 2011
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Anybody been following this?





This is the third phase in mignola's Hellboy saga and possibly the last
Seems like nobody does, i would like to know if it's still as good as it used to be
Story and artwork by Mignola, or just the story?
The Hellboy In Hell trade won't be out for a long while, atleast according to the Letters column of the issues. They're not collecting it as a 4-issue TPB, instead opting to collect 5 issues. The 5th issue is a stand alone story from the previous four, a one-shot. That comes out later this year, I think.

That said, Hellboy In Hell was incredible. Wasn't expecting to find out what happened to Sir Edward Grey, so that came as a great surprise. The BPRD books are wearing a bit thin now though. There's now an Ape Sapian on-going along with BPRD. BPRD right now just feels like they're going out of the way to show how horrible the world is without really revealing anything new. We're two arcs after Return of The Master and nothing really interesting has happened as a consequence. Well, a few things have happened, but I didn't think we needed two small arcs to get that info across. I think it gets back on track in august or september.
I Love Hellboy!!
3rd Phase? what would seperate the first two?
Also...anybody know when the Trade comes out? He mentioned recently in an interview that he was obsessing over the artwork on the Trade for the first arc...

Here's the link to that interview...

Aparently The Island was the end of the first phase of Hellboy according to Mignola, right after the 2 years timeskip that happened in that story begins the 2nd phase, and so far Phase 1 and 2 have both been 6 volumes each, so Hellboy in Hell will probably follow the example

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