Apocalypse How are you watching the film?

Tickets went on sale today and all that's available to date is Ultra AVX 3D. I didn't want to wait for 2D tickets to be on sale so Ultra AVX 3D it will be.

Wish I could watch it in IMAX...

But will be watching in Ultra AVX 3D.

Maybe I'll try the DBox one too. Anyone try that one in Canada?
Seen it twice... though I am having doubts now if I will go check it in IMAX.
IMAX 3D is a must! Well the last time I went to watch a movie in IMAX before this was way back 2011 and that was Harry Potter 8. But the 3D of this was really good, like the 3D effect was really noticeable up to the post-credits scene and scenes were less darker in IMAX. Though I couldn't help but to sleep, starting with the Alkali lake scenes, like I missed some parts like I couldn't keep myself awake.
It's not available on IMAX in the US (at least I think it's not - right?), so how I anticipate it going is -

1st showing - wednesday free pre-screening (2D)
2nd - thursday "midnight showing" (2D)
3rd - Arclight 3D Dome showing
4th - The Vista (cheap but super nice vintage cinema 2D)

I'll see it more times if I really like it. In theaters I saw: X-Men 3 times, X2 6 times, The Last Stand 3 times, First Class twice, and DOFP 6 times. I saw The Wolverine once and Origins 0.

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