How long will the movie be?



How long will it be?
How long should it be?

How are they oing to fit all this:
Peter - MJ
Peter - Gwen
Peter - George Stacy
Peter - Betty
Peter - Chocolate Cake Girl
Peter - Bugle Staff
Peter - Aunt May
Peter - Harry
Gwen - George
George - Robertson (possibly)
Jameson, Brant, Robertson, Hoffman
Peter - Brock - becoming enimes out of costume
Peter in School
Peter in a social setting - not the Bugle
Peter as photographer
Peter gaining Black Suit
Peter losing Black Suit
A death
A death - possible second one
Sandman, Wife, Daughter
Sandman beating Spidey
Sandman Origin
Spidey finally beating sandman
Sandman attackng the city
Spidey getting to sandman
Spidey getting to sandman for final showdown
Spidey - Sandman
Spidey - Venom - no matter how long or short
Spidey - A Goblin
Harry beating Spidey
Spidey beating Harry
Brock Gaining the Black Suit
Goblin attacking Pete's loved ones
Pete getting to Harry
Harry fighting himself/Norman
Harry becoming a Goblin
Harry being bad - possibly
Harry turning good - possibly
That other photograper/reporter guy
All those scientists

could all this fit in a 2 hour time-span.
I think 2 hours and 20 minutes should get the job done.....right?
longer the better for me in a spidey-movie. More screen time for everyone!
The movie will be seven years long, and thirty three days, two hours, ten minutes, and seventy seconds.
7 years, 33 days, 2 hours, 10 minutes, and 71 seconds
well... the first spider-man movie was 2 hours long... right? and their short list of things they did were

introduce peter
introduce mary jane
introduce flash thompson
set up parker's nerdy situation
get picked on by flash
introduce harry
introduce norman osborn
parker meets norman
visit science lab
get bit by spider
show parker-MJ interaction
introduce norman's company
get sick from bite
norman gain superpowers
wake up with powers
introduce aunt may and uncle ben
show parker-ben relationship
rescue MJ #1
fight with flash
explore powers
create costume
wrestle for money
win wrestling bout
let robber go
see ben die
chase robber
let robber die
become spider-man and save a few purses
become photographer for daily bugle
introduce betty
introduce jameson
parker catches up with MJ
green goblin attack unity festival
fight with spider-man
rescue MJ #2
show harry-MJ relationship

ok so I'm not even at the half-way point in the first movie, and they managed to do all of that successfully. so can I ask... why is anyone worried that they won't be able to fit that stuff in 2 hours? 90% of the main characters have already been introduced, relationships established, at least part of the main plotline was introduced at the end of spidey 2? ... x-men had about 10 main characters and it turned out great, so did the sequel, why would they shortchange anyone/thing here.
Stop posting those crappy damn lists man! They're useless and take up a whole page.

And they're VERY nerdy.
I agree they did alot in the first movie and quiet a bit on the second. So why is everyone worried about this one? 3 villians!?!

I don't want 3 villians in a movie and feel ripped of for not having enough action and fight sequnces. How ever I don't want so much action it takes away from the story and it comes off cheesy alla Batman and Robin.

So the question is can the pull it off and keep it balanced?
Trooper said:
no i was addressing dr venture :) :up:


i don't see how i could've missed that she looks almost exactly the same
You seriously think she looks the same way she did when she was 10 or 11? Harsh, much?
That is definately the question
Spider-Grrl1516 said:
You seriously think she looks the same way she did when she was 10 or 11? Harsh, much?

Ugliness never fades my dear.

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