How would you feel if they changed the names of the city's of the heroes to real one?

Sep 23, 2004
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For example how would you feel if Superman was based in New York city instead of Metropolis or how would you feel if Batman was based out of Chicago. I would be okay with this idea if the kept the Daily Planet or Lex Towers etc.
I'm ok with a couple made up cities, (you gotta have Metropolis and Gotham) but DC has tons of em. Star City, Keystone City, etc etc.
It would be pointless and stupid.

The imaginary cities really add to the characters it's not just a name and a place it's part of their identity.

Characters who are based in the fictional cities really rely on them like Batman, Captain Marvel, Jack Knight, Shade and the Flash family I couldn't imagine their stories being the same without the writers creating these unique places.

If you have read Robinson's Starman you can see how important the city (Opal) was to the story it wouldn't be the same thing if it was set in New Orleans or Atlanta.
Why? DC has both New York and Metropolis. Made up and real. I see no point. Besides, the cities are just as much of a character as the hero. Plus, that would mean losing James Robinson's Opal City, and you can go f**k yourself if you think you're gonna get away with that. :mad: :p
I wouldnt go as far as to say I'd stop reading DC, but I would definitely vote against it for the reasons already stated.
I might stop reading. It's what separates DC from Marvel.
It would be incredibly ******ed. There's literally no conceivable reason why they would want to do that.
I would hate this cause with fictional cities they seem endless. If you base the story in New York you have an actual example of your boundaries. Gotham can go on forever and thats fine cause its all fiction and if one needs to create a place for a battle you can. Fake cities are always better IMO.
why not have narnia reset to a real place as well

and make willy wonka's chocolate factory just a cadbury's chocolate factory


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