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How would you make the movie "hook"?


Dec 27, 2007
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Imagine you're Warner Brothers hire you the make the ''Justice League of America'' movie Hook.

Just remembering, A Hook is a bridge to a next film, Like the Joker card on ''Batman Begins'' and Harry Osborn finding Green Goblin's gadjets on ''Spiderman 2''.

How would you do the introdution to the second movie Plot?

My Idea:

After the ending credits of the Movie, we see the Egyphit. A Golden Rocket lands in front of a Piramyd, and Two peoples come out of it: Hawkman and Hawkgirl. They Look the ambient and Hawkman activates a Radio in his helmet and says:

- Agents Katar and Shayera Hol informing. Infiltration on Earth ended sucefully. The Invasion can Begin.

Then, we cut to a HUGE Thanagarian army in the space, coming closer of Earth. Inside, General Byth smiles and says:

- Thank you, Captain Hol.

I wouldn't. I generally find hooks to be corny and unneccessary.
At the end, I would show a scientist that had worked on a/the team that helped to defeat the omacs. The man, while brilliant, is not who he pretended to be. As he walks with fellow scientists, a signal that only he can hear alerts him. He excuses himself from them and seeks out a place to be alone.

The man walks down a hallway, glances around nervously to make sure he is alone, and activates a communication device located inside his hand. He then whispers into his it. ''It is done Lord Darkseid, the humans suspect nothing". ''Very well" a deep voice answers back. 'Expect us soon".

The man closes the communications, turns to go back down the hallway, and for just a brief second a triangle symbol with circles appears on his forehead, then it vanishes.
The same way Spielberg did.
oh ok i love that movie. i just didnt get the joke. Thanks for telling me.
No "hook" .... There's no need for that. If the movie were to bomb, it would seem stupid. Plus, the movie should stand on it's own.
Put a scene like this in it:

If you want to hook the audience on to the next movie, good idea would never put the "hook" after the credits.
If you want to hook the audience on to the next movie, good idea would never put the "hook" after the credits.
Agreed. Nearly no-one waits until after the credits. It takes too long and you look extra geeky...
Well if there was a smart JLA movie i would save it for it being the 3rd superman movie and have Clark interview Gordan in the last Batman movie and have Bruce meet with Clark cause of some thoughts of revenge or feelings of weakness in Superman Man of steal

I always thought of a scene of Clark returning home in a state of depression he cant fight off darkside or briniac who ever they use and you see Bruce sitting in his home waiting for him giving him some good old lip like bats always does and supes jumping out of the building ready to kick some ass and take names
How would you make the movie, "Hook"? Just ask Steven Spielberg:


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