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Jul 16, 2002
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Now we have heard he might be mentioned or have a cameo in this movie. So I ask you which version of hawkman would you like if he indeed makes the cut? Human Carter Hall? Thanagarian? An amalgam of origins and Hawkmen we've seen throughout the years?

Personally, I'd like him to have a supporting member role as Katar Hol Thanagarian soldier who tells of how his planet was ravaged by Darkseid and his forces, and he is out for vengeance etc. We could see flashbacks of the Furies laying waste to Thanagar and many of their soldiers and how he escaped and came to be on Earth.

I'd also like to see a JL sequel [blackout]loosely based on Star Crossed where Katar takes Shayara's place as an advanced scout[/blackout]

So discuss. Which version? Who's your actor of choice? How strong should he be? What should be his persoanlity?

Maybe he could be what some people want MM to be; the mysterious guy who's been on our planet for ages and tells the League about Darkseid.
Hawkman should get his own movie, I think it could definitely work
I don't know too much about Hawkman but maybe a movie could combine elements, maybe include reincarnation, or the passing of the mantle of Hawkman. Maybe with different time periods. It would be cool to see Thanagar. It would have to be an epic kind of movie, with a big budget to portray that world and the Thanagarians, but it could be a great looking movie with great effects. Someone would have to really love the source material to get it going, though, and commit to it. So it might not be a while. A Hawkman introduction in a JL movie would be a great way to get an idea of him, though.
As big of a Hawkman fan as I am (and I consider myself a pretty big one), I think WB's priority should be to first concentrate on other characters and getting a Justice League film made sans Hawkman. Then, once Justice League finally drops, do a Hawkman film based straight off of (or as faithfully as is humanly possible) Tim Truman's original Hawkworld prestige format mini-series. The film, like that story, would end with Katar and Shayera traveling to Earth in search of Byth.

Enter Justice League 2: The Sequel. I won't bother throwing out possible threats, but it would, of course, be a big one. Batman, knowing the current roster of Earth's heroes would be outmatched, would approache Katar and Shayera for assistance, who are staying as diplomatic guests of the U.N. while they conduct their search for Byth. Batman asks them for help, a request which Katar outright refuses, while Shayera isn't completely opposed.

Batman: "You can reach me here if you change your minds." More or less the last we see of them. Until...

Film's climax: heroes need help, and Hawkman and Hawkwoman drop out of the sky in a Hulk-like scene of total bad-assery. Explosions ensue, giant things get smashed up by big freaking maces, and the crowd says, "Whoa. Those two are pretty cool."

Then you do a proper sequel to Hawkworld entitled simply The Hawks, where Katar and Shayera finally manage to track down Byth. After that, you could do any number of things. Another Justice League film based around Invasion!, with Katar and Shayera pitted directly at odds with their home world of Thanagar (in addition to a myriad of other intergalactic threats), or even something more closely resembling "Starcrossed." Or something completely different altogether; it doesn't really matter much to me at that point.

The most important part in my mind, though, is properly laying the groundwork. That would be accomplished by making Hawkworld a truly atmospheric sci-fi film and waiting for a Justice League sequel to paint the characters more as actual super heroes. I would even want Katar to have a line like that when Batman is making his pitch for them to join the team: "We aren't heroes, and even if we were, this isn't our world to save."

As for personality, I prefer Katar being the ambivalent, short-tempered lone wolf to Shayera, who would be far more pragmatic and personable by comparison. These roles were reversed a tad from the Silver Age with Hawkworld (the comic book; not my hypothetical film), but I think the more classic take of Hawkman being the impatient brute whom Hawkwoman tends to keep in check is the more endearing one. So Hawkman would function as the reluctant warrior in the League, whereas Hawkwoman would be more of a team player, eager to lend a helping hand. And both of them would be all business and tact on the battlefield, with them working in tandem like no other two heroes in the film.

As for power levels, I'm fond of Johns' benchmark in Hawkman Vol. 4 of 20-times a person their weight and size's strength. It's a nice ambiguous number without being too ambiguous, firmly establishing them both as stronger than Batman but still substantially weaker than Superman. I'd also tweak the biology of Thanagarians to include organic wings (as both the animated Justice League series did, and now the New 52 has done), as well as categorizing Nth metal as ultra rare, reserved exclusively for high-ranking Thanagarian law enforcement officials, and only working on Thanagarians as a physiological enhancer.

Just my two cents. Thanks for reading (if you even made it this far, that is).
I'd prefer they use Egypcian mythology in this universe but I guess a mixure of both could be great. I'm not sure if Egypcian or Thangarian. Both have great things
Not sure, but if we see a hawkman I hope we get something that looks like this...

Now with the character set to appear in both Flash, Arrow and Legends, he could likely end up in a later phase in DCU
I've always preferred the Katar Hol Hawkman; if they ever do use the character, I'd hope they'd go with that one.
The CW is really putting on a clinic of how NOT to do Hawkman. Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING about their version f***ing sucks. It makes me never want to see WB attempt to bring him to film. Ugh.
Why? The Carter Hall/Khufu origin was pretty much accurate on the show, not counting the "Vandal Savage was Hath-Set and he kills us every time" thing.
Just hope whatever version they use...Him and Hawkgirl are together. Ever since the Justice League cartoon following to the Legends version. They are not together.
Hawkman is a fantastic character - and if done right, visually stunning.
He always strikes me as a huge guy, so that's a must for the character. And who knows, with the Midway City setting for at least part of Suicide Squad, the references may be there.
I could see him being the Egyptian version and tie into Black Adam.

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