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Human Torch VS. Pyro

Dr Doom

Aug 26, 2004
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My friends asked me this question today. It's quite a toughie. If the Torch is flamed on couldnt Pyro just ram him into the ground or something. And it's not like Pyro could hurt Johnny with fire. So I thought it would just come down to their physical strength.

Your thoughts.
That depends. Does the Torch become Fire or just get covered in it.

Either way they are kind of a t a stand still. Pyro can control all fire, but Torch can also absorb all fire if he wants too. I suppose it would come down to a street fight.

Though they would make a good team. But if they had to fight tomorrow I woul give Johnny Storm the edge cause Pyro is dead.
How adept is(was, whatever) Pyro at absorbing flame? Like, if Johnny went super-nova, I doubt Pyro could take it all in, he'd probably pass out or something.
Johnny doesn't become flame, he is covered in it. Pyro can control all flames. Hmm this is a really good question. Now if I were Torch, I'd just drop the flames, walk over to pyros skinny butt and give him a heymaker to the jaw. No flames to control so no powers for pyro, and we all know Johnny is in better shape.
Human Torch would waste him. Pyro can manipulate flame, he can't even make it. and his body isn't impervious to flame, Human Torch would roast him. And what would Pyro do offensively? attach THE HUMAN TORCH with FIRE?
If he can manipulate flame, couldn't he just wave away the flames Torch tries to burn him with?
thats what i thought, thats why i said johnny would just flame off and drop the guy with a jab to the jaw.
to a point, not a nova burst though
This isn't even a competition. Don't think Pyro is strong enough to control to Nova Flame. Also, Johnny could just take off his flames and beat him up anyway.

Nothing Pyro could do would affect Johnny.
Yeah, I'd have to go with the Torch too. They're both fire-users, but unlike Johnny, Pyro's not immune to fire. Sure, Pyro could manipulate the Torch's flames for his own purposes, but he'll never be able to hurt Johnny with them and he wouldn't be able to keep up with the amount of flame output Johnny's demonstrated at higher levels. Johnny would end up melting the ground under Pyro's feet or just catching him with a fireball that he couldn't manage to divert.
Torchie would win, Pyro cannot make fire and cannot control the Torch's flame only if it was thrown at him could he control it and Torch has better control over the flame
yeah Torch would win easy after he had gotteen rid of Pyro's wussy flamethrowers
Torch wont have to take care of his flamethrowers. The flames don't affect him. while Pyro is shooting flames Johnny could just walk up unharmed and BAM!!! a punch in the jaw.
surely johnny wouldn't be able to stay ignite unless pyro wanted him to...

comes down to a street fight between an american and an aussie, and i give it to the aussie...
Which is exactly what I said. A street fight. Johnny would win tough he's younger.
would human torch be considered a omegal level mutant if he was an x-man

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