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Dec 29, 2004
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Alright then. Ladies...gentlemen...zer00...Time for another round of crappy fan-fics, courtesy of Swordmaster and Master Bruce!

Person 1: BOOO!

Person 2: HISSSS!

Person 3: *throws rotten fruit*


Now, this one has nothing to do with the movie Sky High. It is instead an original story about High School involving Hypesters. So...I'll let MB take it from here.
Lazy bastard...

Anyway,Yes,Dante and I will be writing it.It will be a comedy(or..as close to one as we can write),and will,like said,involve Hypesters.We've pretty much selected the main cast already...so,if you're in it,and you don't like it...um...we'll replace you upon request.I guess. :confused:

(ask Dante.He's coming up with half of this anyway... :o)

The rest of you can request to be added,if you *doubtfully* want to be in it.

The cast?

Well,Since it's his idea,and all....Let's leave that to Dante...

Anyway, here's the cast so far...

Master Bruce
Lord Valumart
Alexia Dark
Joey Freefall
Dark Phantom
The Last Meatbag
Fry's Girl
The Amazing Lee
The Demon's Head

Like MB said, if you wish to be not in this (perfectly understandable) just tell us.
Chapter One: Bus Stop

At the corner of UBB Street, a lone 14 year old stands at the corner. He has shoulder length silver hair, black shirt and pants, and a red jacket. On his back is a red-and-black jacket. He leans against a street sign and sighs. This is Dante.

Dante: Where the f**k is that bastard?

Suddenly a limo pulls up. Out of it walks another 14 year old, with slicked back black hair, vivid green eyes, wearing all black, except for a yellow belt. This is Master Bruce.

Master Bruce: And you had to drop me at the bus stop instead of bringing me to school...why?

Limo Driver: Because you touch yourself at night.

Master Bruce:...

The Limo driver drives off.

Dante: About time you got here.

MB: F**k you.

Dante: Why are you wearing a yellow belt anyway? It doesn't match.

MB: Because I can. Leave it at that.


MB: Anyway, looking forward to school?

Dante: No...are you?

MB: F**k no, just making sure you weren't.

Dante: I'm sure. :rolleyes:

MB: Come on, why would I look forward to going back to another year of avoiding Phantasm at every turn?

MB twitches.

Flashes go through Dante's mind. A peephole in the boys shower...a hand making patting motions repeatedly...

Dante: I see what you mean.

Nasal Voice: hi guys!

Dante and MB: Oh f**k me.

A small man, also 14, who has a constant look of sexual frustration, turn s the corner. He wears a "I'm teh Coolerz" shirt and skintight pants.

Dante: Hi Snipershot...

Snipershot: dante!

Snipershot hugs Dante, who has a look of pure vindictiveness on his face.

Dante: GET THE F**K OFF!

Snipershot gets off and goes after MB.

MB: Touch me and I dig a shuriken into your skull.

Dante: Dude...you actually carry those with you? :confused:

MB: "I'm Batman."

Dante: Oh not again...

Dante wacks MB upside his head.

MB: Sorry.

Snipershot: lookerz, teh boos!


Snipershot: teh boos!

MB: What's he saying?

Dante: Beats me. *turns* Oh look, the bus is here.

The bus, if you could call it that, turns the corner. It's got pictures of Christian Bale all over it, is painted purple and green, and has no visible driver. The doors open up.

Bus: Get in, you little s**ts.

The voice is loud and raspy. MB and Dante look at each other. Snipershot has a dazed look on his face, and is drooling out of the corner of his mouth.

MB: Should we?

Bus: Get in or I flatten your ass onto the pavement!

Dante: Take that as a yes.

Dante rushes in, followed by MB, The door closes, and the bus drives off, leaving a clueless Snipershot behind.

On the bus, MB and Dante sit in seats opposite each other. As Dante opens his mouth...

Bus: Quiet!

Dante: But I-

Bus: I said quiet!

Dante: Who or what the f**k are you!?

Bus: I'm a bus dumbass!

MB: You don't have a name?

Bus: My name is Ron!

Dante blinks. MB stifles a laugh.

Bus: Or Jayne. Now strap yourselves in f**kers. It's gonna be a wild ride!

And so it was. Jayne stopped for nothing, running over little old ladies, ducks, dogs, monkies, and other assorted things. Finally, they arrive at Hype High.

Jayne: Welcome to hell, f**kers. Once you come, you can never resist coming back! Bwahahahahahahahahaha *cough* hahahahaha.
oooh, another one! can i beg my way into this one?
Hey, uh.. can I be in?

Quick suggestion; how about next time we subvert me awkwardly asking my in by putting me on the list in advance?
rigel7soldiers said:
Hey, uh.. can I be in?

Quick suggestion; how about next time we subvert me awkwardly asking my in by putting me on the list in advance?

Of course
Chapter Two:Hell

Dante,Master Bruce,and a few others get off of the bus.They all look woozy.Infact,one student actually vomits.

Jayne: See ya's,ya pansies!

The bus drives off,tires screeching.Dante and Master Bruce look at eachother,confused by what just happened.

Dante: Okay,I've seen some strange things in my life,But-

MB: Is that so?Have you ever seen a man...eat his own head?

Dante: Once.

MB: ...

MB: You've thought about that question,haven't you?

MB and Dante proceed,as more students start coming.Snipershot suddenly appears behind Dante and Master Bruce.

Snipershot: goatsies go moo!

MB: ...Where the **** did he come from?

Dante: He's EVERYWHERE! *runs in circles*

MB slaps Dante,mid panic.

MB: Calm down,you bastard.Fifth period hasn't even ended,and already you're acting like a raving lunatic.

Dante: First period.

MB: Right.What did I say?

The bell rings.MB and Dante look up.A pigeon lands on Snipershot's head,and starts pecking on it.

MB: Let's move it already,and get this goddamned day over with.I don't wanna miss 'The Batman' this afternoon...

MB walks inside.Dante goes to follow,but stops,when he notices Snipershot's pigeon situation.

Dante: You know you have a-

Snipershot: yeah he comes and goes!

Inside,MB reads off his locker number,from a piece of paper.

MB: Let's see...616.Wait...why does that number sound familiar...?

MB thinks about this.He realises June 16 was the day that Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes atop the Effiel Tower.

MB: (Angrily) Cruuuuise...

The Janitor walks by,accidentally hitting MB with a mop handle.

LV: Sorry.

Dante walks up,as MB opens his locker.Dante is drinking a soda.

Dante: Yo.

MB: ...

MB: You DO realise they don't let you drink soda until lunch,right?

Dante: ...Um...Sure I did.

MB: You didn't,did you?

Dante: No.No I didn't.

MB: They're gonna catch your ass,one of these days.

Dante: And I care because...?

MB: We can't get detention.That's when we usually go to sneak into the Girl's locker room.

Dante: ...Point.

Dante hands the soda to Snipershot.

Dante: Here.You take it.

Snipershot: oh goodles!

Suddenly,out of nowhere,Snipershot is tackled down by a man in a cheap assed cop uniform.The soda goes flying.

Dante: Sweet jesus!

The cop handcuffs Snipershot.

Snipershot: ahhh!ahhh!

bored: Quiet,dirtbag!Nobody drinks pop on school campus as long as I'm around! :mad:

Dante: ...Who the hell are you?

bored: I'm Bat-

MB: Don't.Even.Think about it.

bored: Oh.Sorry.I was going to say that for dramatic purposes.

MB: Well watch it,next time.

bored: Officer bored,at your service!

MB turns to Dante.

MB: Since when have we had an officer on campus?

bored: Uh...

Dante: Actually,never.

MB and Dante look at bored.

bored: ...Hey,look!A monkey!

bored runs off,leaving snipershot on the floor,bloody.

MB: Sooo....How bout' them Knicks?
The lack of me is depressing, but I like the hatred of Snipershot, who I consider a sick, womanizing, vain, objectifiying rat bastard.
Eh, you can leave me in.

But I want you both to know I consider this a personal favor on my part.
CConn said:
Eh, you can leave me in.

But I want you both to know I consider this a personal favor on my part.

Fair enough.
JLBats said:
The lack of me is depressing, but I like the hatred of Snipershot, who I consider a sick, womanizing, vain, objectifiying rat bastard.

I'll add you
bored is the crazy security guard! woot! at my old high school, we had an overweight rent-a-cop.

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