Not-At-All-Original-Publications Presents: A Hype Odyssey!


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Sep 18, 2003
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Yes, yes, Ladies and Gentlemen who wish they knew more Ladies, I'm back! Not that I ever went anywhere. Or that I finished "Hype World" that long ago. Or that I'm not still posting stuff here ("X-Men: Reimagined", not so much a reimagining as me ****ing around with a franchise without bothering to conform to any continuity other than what I think would be neat). Anyways, I'm back! Or something or other, like that. ****, where was I going with this? Dammit, I've lost my train of thought :mad:! OH! Oh, that's right! Yeah. Anyways, I like puppies, and long walks on the beach, and air guitar, and I'm really interested in a woman who will...

Wait, no, still off. Okay, got it.

After "Hype World" was concluded, I said I was considering a sequel/spin-off of sorts. Now, for those of you who didn't read "Hype World", shame on you. Why are you here, and not reading that? Moving on, there was a part at the end where, due to a mix-up while several people were jumping through a portal to reach the home of the Mods, who were being held captive by JPlaya (what? it made sense to me.), some of the characters, instead of reaching their destination, were instead dropped in the hellish wasteland known as Ohio. I chronicled their exploits to an extent, including their eventual return to Hype World, and their encounter with aging football legend Brett Favre, but I left out a great deal of the tale. So, I said I may tell the world how they escaped the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after Lord Valumart messed up an exhibit and eventually made it back home. I don't feel like spending several months on this one, so it'll be a short Odyssey (something that punk Homer couldn't manage), but hopefully it will, carrying on the legacy of its predecessor, be utterly bizarre and slightly hilarious. So, may I neutrally present to you:



Lord Valumart
Master Bruce
and Brett Favre

Previously, in "Hype World: An Epic":

Meanwhile, in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which is in Cleveland)...

Lord Valumart: Look at me, I'm Jimi Hendrix!

LV plucked a string on a bass guitar that was played by Paul McCartney on the "Abbey Road" album.

security guard: There's another one! Get him!

CConn: Dammit, Valumart! Come on guys!

Master Bruce: What are we going to do?

Phantasm: Maybe a random football player will come and act as a Deux ex Machina to help us escape!

CConn: What? No, no that's just stupid.

Brett Favre: Awww, but I came all this way .

CConn: You should have retired years ago! Now either run with us or go away!

And now, we rejoin our heroes:


CConn burst through the door, and to freedom.

CConn: But now I'm still on Ohio, and out of one of its few interesting destinations :mad:.

Oh, right. But hey, it could be worse.

CConn: How?

You could be in an Ohio prison.

CConn: Eh, well, count your blessings, I suppose.

Powderman: CConn.... Who the bad place.... are you talking to?????

CConn shook his head, and rubbed his eyes.

CConn: Good question, now let's keep moving!

CConn hurried up. With him were Powderman, Sava, Lord Valumart, Master Bruce, Gunblade, Wilhelm-Scream, Rigel7Soldiers, and Phantasm.

Master Bruce: If we're lucky, we can make it to Cincinnati to see the Bengals play!

Brett Favre: The Bengals were knocked out of the playoffs in the first round by the Steelers.

Master Bruce: Aw:( .

CConn: Why are you still here?

Brett Favre: Let's just say Carson Palmer is still doing better than me, even after his groin injury kept him out of the post-season, and the Pro Bowl, and was a big reason they lost their last regular season game to the Chiefs, 37-3.

CConn: They did, really?

Meanwhile, back in Hype World...

bored: HELLZ YEAH!

CConn: Well that doesn't leave much for us. Come on, we need to find some place where the police can't get us. This is your fault, Valumart!

Lord Valumart: I just wanted to rock:( .

CConn: Well, now the only important establishment in Cleveland is mad at us!

Lord Valumart: Blimey.

Brett Favre: While I made my career in Wisconsin, I know enough about Ohio to refute that. There is another.

CConn: Okay then, lead the way.

Brett Favre: Oh, I have to lead, then? Okay, let me break out the ol' walker. I need it for long trips.

The group paused as Favre broke out his collapsable walker.

Phantasm: That may have been a mistake.

Gunblade: Oh, give him a chance.

Phantasm: Make me!

Gunblade: I will!

As Favre got his bearings, the two girls got into a catfight, which kept the others, as well as several bystanders, entertained for the next few minutes.

Hours later, the Hypesters were led into a large, underground lair on the outskirts of Cleveland.

Rigel7Soldiers: I think this is an old, abandoned Sizzler.

Brett Favre: That's true.

Gunblade: Ew, I hate Sizzler.

Phantasm: That true? Well, in that case, Sizzler rules!

Gunblade: What did you say?!

Phantasm: You heard me!

The two had started slapping each other, when there was a large gust of foul, hot air.

deep, mysterious voice: *Jabba-like* Haugh, haugh, haugh. Who dares enter my kingdom?

Brett Favre: It is I, sir. The one known as Favre.

dmv: Ah, yes. How is retirement treating you, Mr. Favre?

Brett Favre: Um, I'm actually still playing:O.

dmv: What?! But the Packers were so bad this year! The only good game they played was against the Seahawks!

Brett Favre: Rub it in, why don't you?:mad:

dmv: Enough. Why are you here?

The owner of the voice, covered in shadow, saw Phantasm and Gunblade fighting.

dmv: Oooh, a sacrifice.

Phanty and Gunny: :confused:

dmv: No?

Brett Favre: No. Sorry.

dmv: Poo.

Brett Favre: Sir, we've come to request your services. These people are lost, and need safe passage home.

dmv: I do not grant such things for free. Let us negotiate.

After struggling to reach far enough, the figure reached, and flicked, a light-switch. The person looked, as expected, a lot like Jabba the Hut, though with a crew-cut and glasses.

Brett Favre: Just tell us what you require.

Drew Carey: I have for you my grocery list.

They noticed a piece of notebook paper stuck to Carey the Hutt's greasy chest.

Drew Carey: Bring me everything I've listed, and I will help you.

Favre reached for it.

Drew Carey: Not you.

He glanced past Brett Favre.

Phantasm: Me? Ewww!

Drew Carey: No, not you. You.

Sava: What? Oh, not cool.
hahaha.......I should have seen that one coming Ohio = Drew Carey...

Good to see you back bored...:up:
Sava grimaced and whimpered all the way out of Drew Carey's lair.

Phantasm: And I thought he was doing so well.

Brett Favre: That whole 'camera adds ten pounds' thing? Total bull****, if you hadn't guessed. *sigh*

CConn: What?

Brett Favre: Oh, nothing, I just said '****'. I haven't gone b.m. in years.

CConn: Seriously, why haven't you retired yet?

Brett Favre: Hey, we kicked the Seahawks' asses!

CConn: After your season was irreparably gone, and their shot at the post-season was solid.

Master Bruce: Oh, let him have his glory, CConn.

Brett Favre: *singing* One game/ Glory
One game/ Before I go/ Glory
One song to leave behind/
Play one game/
One last high QB rating/

CConn: Sooo... Hey, Sava, what's on that list?

Sava: Must... Burn.... Hand....

Powderman: Must be easy..... With all that grease on it.

Wilhelm-Scream: I think that's all from Drew Carey. It's how he clung it to his man-booby.

Sava: I had to touch him.

Powderman: Oh... For Xenu's sake.... Rigel!

Rigel7Soldiers: Buy a newspaper! I mean, give me the list! Ew, it really is greasy.

Master Bruce: So, what's on it.

Rigel7Soldiers: Hold on, this'll take a minute.

Lord Valumart: Oy, I'll put the kettle on.

Phantasm: You brought a kettle.

Lord Valumart: You sayin' I'm not English?

Phantasm: What? No, I just-

Lord Valumart: That's right, luv.

Rigel7Soldiers: Okay, first thing, we need ten pounds of Crisco. I assume he uses it in lieu of soap.

Brett Favre: Ten pounds?!

Gunblade: Well, where's the nearest Sam's Club?

Brett Favre: Let's go find a bus stop.

On the bus....

Brett Favre: While we're at the store, I need to stock up on Depends. I really need to.

everyone else: *scoot away quietly*

At Sam's Club....

CConn: Okay, that's 10 pounds of Crisco, thirty bags of hot wings, twenty-eight packages of bratwurst, six jumbo cases of bleu-cheese dressing, and a metric ton of Alka-Seltzer.

Brett Favre: He only gets that for guests.

CConn: Big surprise. It's only a small portion of his grocery list.

Powderman: I've got.... A whole massive shopping cart full of large pizzas of kinds they make especially for Drew.

Rigel7Soldiers: And the ice cream. I really hope he's just planning a birthday party.

Master Bruce: I somehow doubt that.

Meanwhile, back at the lair of Carey the Hutt....

Drew Carey: *on the phone* What? Of course I didn't forget your birthday, Ryan Stiles. *hangs up* Okay, think fast, Drew.

Gunblade: Let's get the Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets, like he asked.

Phantasm: No! Those things are disgusting! He needs to eat a little healthier. I'm getting him the Philly Steak Lean Pockets.

Gunblade: But he'll know they're not the right thing!

Phantasm: Look, Gunhussy, I know what I'm doing. We'll be fine.

Gunblade: *glare* I hope you're right. For your sake.

Later, at the check-out line...

Master Bruce: The money we're paying here could ease the debt of a Third-World Nation.

Bono: Alright, laddy, hand it over!

Master Bruce: Dude, come on, no more celebrity cameos.


Bono: I'll be on my way, then.

Brett Favre: Good thing I used to be an extremely respectable NFL quarterback. I can pay for this many times over. Those suckers in Management over at Green Bay haven't actually watched a game in two years.

Wilhelm-Scream: So are we done, then?

Sava: I didn't get the lighter fluid for my hand.

Wilhelm-Scream: Are we actually done, then?

CConn: Yeah.

Bono: If you've got some of that left over, be sure to send it to the starving children in Africa.

Master Bruce: Hey!

Sorry. I'm going to have to renege on 'no more cameos' in a minute, anyway.

Master Bruce: Prick.

Hey, you're going to like this.

Wilhelm-Scream: Bruce, who are you talking to?

Master Bruce: The third-person narrator.

Wilhelm-Scream: Riiiiight. Well, chat with him later. We've got to go and get all this food back to Drew Carey if we want to find a way out of Ohio.

A shadow fell on the ground. It wasn't a big shadow, mind you, and it was far from the Hypesters, so none of them really noticed him as he entered, but someone else did.

greeter: Hey, do you have your Membership Card?

ominous stranger: Oh, yes, of course, right here.

greeter: Well, go right along, then.

The stranger walked past the many flat-screen LCD televisions, and headed for Check-Out. He was so short that, despite who he was, nobody really noticed him, not until he spoke, that was.

ominous stranger: MASTER BRUCE!

Master Bruce: What the bad place?

ominous stranger: You and I have unfinished business!

Gunblade: Where'd that come from?

Sava: Hey, a midget!

ominous stranger: Face me, Master Bruce!

Master Bruce's face suddenly furled into a look of pure, unfiltered rage.

Master Bruce: You.

ominous stranger: Didn't expect to see me here, did you, Master Bruce? Well, I'm here, and today, I reclaim my honor!

Master Bruce: That is where you're wrong. Today, you die. Prepare to meet thy doom, Tom Cruise!
bored said:
ominous stranger: MASTER BRUCE!

Master Bruce: What the bad place?

ominous stranger: You and I have unfinished business!

Gunblade: Where'd that come from?

Sava: Hey, a midget!

ominous stranger: Face me, Master Bruce!

Master Bruce's face suddenly furled into a look of pure, unfiltered rage.

Master Bruce: You.

ominous stranger: Didn't expect to see me here, did you, Master Bruce? Well, I'm here, and today, I reclaim my honor!

Master Bruce: That is where you're wrong. Today, you die. Prepare to meet thy doom, Tom Cruise!

bad place YES! :mad::up:

Finally...after all this time,I get to try and beat the crap out of that...that...Katie theif! :mad: :confused:

God,I need a life.
Brett Favre is my favorite player. :(

Long live the king.
haha..the death of tom cruise..

Flexo said:
Brett Favre is my favorite player. :(

Long live the king.

Sorry, it was just a bit of continuity from "Hype World". I really don't dislike Favre, or Drew Carey, for that matter, but I couldn't resist.
bored said:
Sorry, it was just a bit of continuity from "Hype World". I really don't dislike Favre, or Drew Carey, for that matter, but I couldn't resist.

Don't you think Packer fans have gone through enough this year? Have you no soul?!
You think this is bad, just wait and see what I do the moment the Steelers start sucking.


Tom Cruise: You've insulted me for the last time, Master Bruce. Now, in the name of Xenu, I shall crush you!

CConn: He invoked Xenu. He's got to be kidding.

Master Bruce: He's a real Scientologist.

CConn: Guys, let's not get between them.

From no identifiable source, loud drums sounded. Fires were, for some reason, set around the area.

Tom Cruise: YAAAHHH!!!!

Cruise lept wildly from various objects. He seemed to be very excited.

Tom Cruise: Prozac is a scam!

Cruise landed in front of Master Bruce, and began rigorously punching his shins.

Master Bruce: Um? Ow?

Irritated, he pulled back a foot, and kicked Cruise, sending the miniscule actor into the Electronics section.

Master Bruce: Pathetic, as always. Come on, guys.

Tom Cruise: You are going nowhere!

His voice boomed from speakers throughout the store.

Lord Valumart: Oy, what's all this, then?

Tom Cruise: I won't go down that easily, Master Bruce.

Master Bruce: Heh, sure you won't ;).

Tom Cruise: What? What's that supposed to mean?

Master Bruce: Come on, we've all seen "Interview with the Vampire".

Tom Cruise: Hey! That was all acting! Brad Pitt and I are both secure in our masculinity!

Sava: Yeah, well, which one of you knocked up Angelina Jolie?

Tom Cruise: Him. But-

Cruise, his face flashing on all the big screen tv's, suddenly grinned.

CConn: Big mistake, Sava.

Tom Cruise: I did 'knock up' someone else.

Master Bruce: Watch it, Tommy.

Cruise: Let's not forget my fiance, Katie Holmes. Boy, Katie Holmes sure is attractive. Isn't it good that I'm engaged to her? And she's having my baby?

Master Bruce: You will choke on those words!

Master Bruce, in a frenzy, smashed every tv in sight.

Brett Favre: I'm not paying for those.

Tom Cruise: Destroy whatever you want, Master Bruce! You'll only tire yourself out!

Master Bruce: I've found you!

MB sprang upon Tom Cruise, who darted away.

Master Bruce: Everyone help me! Chase him into the frozen foods department!

Gunblade: No.

Phantasm: I think we should help.

Gunblade: Quiet, you!

Once again, the two started slapping each other.

Master Bruce, oblivious to this, chased after Cruise. Around the condiments section, someone grabbed his arm and pulled him aside.

Master Bruce: What? Let go of me!

Katie Holmes: It's me, Brucey.

Master Bruce: K-Katie? What are you doing here? You're not safe here, with him!

Katie Holmes: I don't have a choice. Every time I go out in public, he's got to be around, otherwise the tabloids will suspect things.

Master Bruce: But they're true, Katie. You and Tom are a charade, meant to keep him from fading into obscurity.

Katie Holmes: If I could end this, I would, but you know I can't, and neither can you. If anything happens to Tom, they'll take me and the baby away forever.

Master Bruce: I won't let them!

Katie Holmes: You can't fight the Church of Scientology, Brucey. No one can. Other than Wal-Mart, that is. Oh, and Chuck Norris. But nobody else. Not even you. If they say their flagship celebrity has to be shacked up with a hot young starlet, that's how it is. And they certainly can't let the world know that it isn't his child. If that happened, the people might realize the truth.

Master Bruce: That he's never slept with a woman?

Katie Holmes: Worse. That he doesn't have a penis. So you see, I can't leave him. I'm sorry.

Master Bruce: That doesn't mean I can't crush him into an inch of his life.

Katie Holmes: That's true. In fact, that would work very well. Have fun. One day, when Tom isn't around, I'll tell Master Bruce Jr. all about this.

MB smiled, and walked away, ready to, instead of kill Tom Cruise, merely beat the holy bad place out of him. Katie blew him a kiss.

Master Bruce: Okay, Cruise, let's end it! I have other things to do.
Tom Cruise has no penis.

That's AWESOME....:up:
Tom Cruise was suddenly afraid. Something had happened to Master Bruce. He was grinning a devilish grin, and striding confidently. He wasn't enraged, just eager. Cruise tried not to show his worry.

Tom Cruise: You'll never catch me, Master Bruce!

Master Bruce: No, but he will.

Tom Cruise turned around, and felt Rigel7Soldiers hands clamp around his shoulders.

Rigel7Soldiers: Buy a newspaper, *****!

Tom Cruise: What?

Rigel7Soldiers: Oh, eh, nothing.

Powderman: You almost had a sale, there.... Rigel! What happened????

Rigel7Soldiers: Well, I didn't know if he'd actually buy a ne- OOMPH!

He had been head-butted by the tiny, yet powerful/thich noggin of Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise: Cruise-Missile, baby! YAH!

Cruise climbed up a shelf, screaming. He lept off of it, and onto another one.j

Tom Cruise: I'm in love! Yah!

Master Bruce: Oh that does it!

MB ran shoulder-first into the shelf Cruise had climbed.

Master Bruce: Ouch! I blame you for that, Cruise!:mad:

What he hadn't noticed was that his plan had worked, and Cruise had been rocked off the shelf. He plummeted to the floor. Master Bruce recovered and tried to stomp on Tom Cruise, who rolled out of the way.

Tom Cruise: Come get me!

Master Bruce: Can do, creep.

MB chased Cruise into the frozen foods section. Cruise, rounding a corner, thought he could lose his assailant, only to find that he wasn't alone there, either.

CConn: You're wasting everyone's time. We've got places to go, Cruise.

He grabbed the tiny actor, and shoved him into the freezer, next to the burger patties.

Master Bruce: Hey, what'd you do with him?

CConn pointed.

Master Bruce: Okay, it disappoints me that I can't pummel him, but that's still pretty funny.

Inside the case, Cruise's breath had fogged up the window. He moved a freezing arm, and drew a smiley face in the window with his finger.

CConn: Can we go now?

Master Bruce: *sigh* Yeah.

As the two walked towards the exit, MB gazed at one of the furniture aisles. She waved at him. He forced a smile, waved back, and then turned his eyes to the ground. It wasn't because of melancholy, actually. He was just really worried that he might step in gum.

Brett Favre: Okay, are we done here?

CConn: Yep.

Tom Cruise: Not so fast!

CConn: Oh, goddammit.

Master Bruce: Why couldn't you stay put!

MB charged, ready to run Cruise into the ground.

Tom Cruise: Mwahaha! I have my ways, Master Bruce.

Moments earlier....

Kirstie Alley: Burgersburgersburgersburgersburgers- Hey, it's Tom! What are you doing in there, my fellow Scientologist? Here, let me get you out of there.

Master Bruce: You'll never go away, will you?

Tom Cruise: I am Tom Cruise! I am unstoppable! I still have a career, despite being in "Vanilla Sky"!

Sava: There's got to be a way to stop him.

Sava noticed a bottle on a nearby shelf.

Sava: Got it. Hey, Favre, do something useful.

Tom Cruise: Live in anguish, Master Bruce! Katie is mine!

Master Bruce: Damn you.

Brett Favre: Bruce, catch!

Favre threw a bottle.

Master Bruce: Huh?

The bottle went in his direction. Cruise grabbed it.

Brett Favre: Awwww, not again:( .

Tom Cruise: You think you can help him, lowly football legend Brett Favre? Think again! Now, what is this?

He looked at the bottle, then, horrified, dropped it.

Tom Cruise: No! NOOOO!!!!! Get it away!

MB grabbed it. It read "Paxil". Master Bruce opened it, and dumped its contents over Cruise's head.


Master Bruce: Let's get the bad place out of here, guys!

Master Bruce and the others quickly made their way out of the Sam's Club, and back towards the lair of Drew Carey.

An hour later, still in the store....

Katie Holmes: Tom, are you okay? Oh my God.

Tom Cruise: I'll be okay, Katie. Wait, what was that you just said?

Katie Holmes: I asked if you were okay.

Tom Cruise: After that.

Katie Holmes: "Oh my God?"

Tom Cruise: I see. Not to self: crush Travolta.
bored,you fan-ficing skills rock beyond words.

Of course,that could be due to the Katie/MB thing...but,I still love it. :(

You genius,you. :up:
The group hurried out of Sam's Club.

CConn: That should not have taken so long.

Master Bruce: Sorry. I think it was kind of my fault.

CConn: Oh, just a little.

Brett Favre: Heh, know what this reminds me of? One time, the Packers were stuck in the airport in Dallas after playing the Cowboys, and Ahman Green was really constipated, so we were all waiting for him while he was in the bathroom, and we almost missed our flight.

everyone else: ......

Lord Valumart: Alright then. Let's move on then, shall we? We've got to get all this food to Drew Carey. Guv'nah's gonna be right pissed if we're late.

Brett Favre: You've got no idea. Ever wonder what happened to Elvis Grbac? Oh, the stories I could tell.

CConn: Please don't.

Brett Favre: I AM trying to help you, you know.

CConn: You mean like you helped the Packers offense this year?

Phantasm: Oh, go easy on him, CConn. He really is trying to help.

Gunblade: Yeah.

Phanty and Gunny suddenly looked at each other. Both had confused looks on their faces.

Phantasm: Um... *****?

She half-heartedly smacked Gunblade.

An hour later, after moving the groceries in a high-octane bus highjacking that is entirely too confusing to be retold here, our heroes found themselves at Carey's lair, er, The Sizzler.

Wilhelm-Scream: Why is it that someone who lives in a resteraunt needs people to bring food for him?

Master Bruce: Well, he is a comedian, and people do find irony to be hilarious.

Wilhelm-Scream: I see.

Drew Carey: Have you what I asked for?

Brett Favre: Yes, mighty Drew.

Drew Carey: Hah-hah-hah, excellent.

Sava: We also got you some Altoids, because we know you like those.

Drew Carey: Really? Thank you, that's very considerate. Now, I shall complete my end of the bargain.

He lifted up his arm. Or, rather, he struggled to move his arm, making much noise as he did so, and finally called for a small, rat-like creature, possibly Diedrich Bader, to move it for him. After his arm was propped up, he pointed to the parking lot outside.

CConn: What's there?

Drew Carey: Huh? Oh, crap.

Someone pulled up in a VW Bus.

Master Bruce: Cooooool.

Drew Carey: It has recently been gassed up. Do with it as you please.

Powderman: You won't.... want it back?????

Drew Carey: That thing? bad place no! Do I look like a damn hippie to you?

CConn: Well, thanks alot, Drew Carey. Sorry your show sucked so bad in the last season. Let's go, guys.

The group went outside, and piled into the VW.

Master Bruce: Why are you coming, Brett?

Brett Favre: More time I spend away from Wisconsin during the off-season, the better.

Master Bruce: Gotcha.

Phantasm: I'm driving.

Gunblade: No, I'M driving!

CConn: Could someone throw them into the back? I'm driving.

Phanty and Gunny: Aw:( .
bored said:
Brett Favre: More time I spend away from Wisconsin during the off-season, the better.

You monster. You just won't stop will you? :mad:

Other than that. :up:
The VW Bus plodded along. Phantasm and Gunblade had tired themselves out slapping each other, and were sleeping soundly. To keep himself amused, Sava put them in compromising positions and took pictures.

Sava: Good times.

Rigel7Soldiers: So, how do we get to Hype World from here?

Brett Favre: They say that there is a portal that can transport you anywhere you wish somewhere in Dayton.

CConn: It just had to be another city in Ohio, didn't it?

Brett Favre: Fate be a cruel mistress.

Master Bruce: So how'd you find out about this place, Brett?

Brett Favre: During my biweekly poker game with Troy Aikman, John Elway, and Rich Gannon, somebody mentioned it. I think it was Kurt Warner. He's our waitress when he isn't playing. Which basically means always.

Powderman: Zing.

Brett Favre: How he found out about it, I'm not sure, but I think he was trying to find a way to go back in time to the year the Rams won the Super Bowl with him as QB.

Meanwhile, in a winery in California....

Dick Vermeil: Know what's funny? That Warner guy really sucked without us around.

Trent Green: Heh, totally. Will you please come out of retirement?

Dick Vermeil: No.

Brett Favre: I do enjoy being able to make fun of other NFL quarterbacks. It reminds me of when I was better than everyone else.

CConn: Sure.

Brett Favre: So how about that David Carr? Total suckage, huh?

Lord Valumart: Actually, Carr is considered a fairly talented QB, it's just that he has probably the worst offensive line protecting him, so he's sacked too much to make a real splash.

Everyone looked at LV.

Lord Valumart: Oh! Eh... I mean, "Oy, that David Carr is bollocks, eh?"

Master Bruce: Since when did any of us talk about football so much, anyway?

Everyone scratched their chins, wondering. Including CConn. The Bus veered off the road, and crashed into a tree.

Phantasm: *snore* Huh?! Ah! What the bad place?!

She was thrown on top of Gunblade.

Gunblade: What the!? Dammit, Phantasm!

everyone else: Hawt.

The two started wrestling.

Brett Favre: You guys've got it good.

Sava: You've got no idea.

CConn: Is anyone hurt?

Master Bruce: Hey! Less concern for our safety, more watching the girls fighting!

CConn: I'll take that as a 'no'.

He hopped out of the bus, to assess the damage.

CConn: Where are we, anyway?

A river flowed nearby.

CConn: Definitely lost.

Somewhere in the distance, "Mr. Roboto" blasted from a radio.

CConn: Wait a minute, that's a river, and the band Styx is playing.


CConn: "Simpsons" already did it.

Too bad. I'm the author, I choose what happens.

CConn: *sigh* Dammit. Guess we're going to be traveling that river with the Styx playing, huh? Okay, guys, come on!
bored, I am so glad you started on this. I was starting to miss your writing after Hype World. So far, it's looking great. :up:

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