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Hype PResidential Election '06: Team Red


Apr 13, 2006
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Welcome to the Hype Presidential Race '06! Let me take a moment to explain this to you. This is in no way associated with the previous presidential race, which was a part of Hype Survivor. This is totally different, there are 3 teams, each with 5 members, this is on of 3 polls in order to determine the three finalists, one from each team, which will move on to the finals to face each other in the final presidential battle-to-the-death. There will be NO PRIZE, no reward, this is pretty much just for the heck of it. You are currently viewing the poll for the Red team. Please vote in the other 2 also. Your members to choose from in this battle are: Hunter Rider
CConn (Connunist Party)
FunBobPants (Par-tay Party)

poll coming soon! :)
Me votes! Me votes! ...............Do I gotta show you my ID?
Well, candidates... Campaign. Tell me why I should vote for you.
That's the lamest campaign I've ever heard of. What about the ISSUES? The ISSUES, man!
no issues. just scream at people to vote 4 ya......... and occasionally bring up issues
I don't vote for people who can't make a damn fine speech.
You better, or your presidential race will fall as flat as H. Ross Perot's.
no, actually i really dont care. vote Tsunulia *chokes up* Green Team :(
Well I'll go with Twylight . . . .I'd like to see her in a 3 way again.
NHawk19 said:
Well I'll go with Twylight . . . .I'd like to see her in a 3 way again.
You just had to leave yourself open didnt you. :(:up:
twylight got my vote - just for Hype! seniority.
Cyclops said:
I don't vote for people who can't make a damn fine speech.


I would like to thank everyone for coming here today. I would like to point out some issues I feel strongly towards and make some campaign promises along the way. (all guarantees are void)

More crappy avatars for everyone - Yes you can too get a one of a kind, original, hand drawn piece of art by Powdicasso. Limit 1 per vote.

I will campaign strongly to end the evil forces of the Caps Lock king and stop TWIP from ever using caps again.

For those of you like Dr Fear and Kainedamo I promise you more dates - You don't mind with each other right?

I will also work closely with the mods to have a non-mod day each week. They will listen to reason...or be assimilated...:o

And in closing.......more Satan Cat and less O rly owls....
Iceman/Psylocke said:

You're a GOOD man, a good man I say....I never believed anything that anyone has said about you....

Sounds good to me.

Oh and for you Squeeks...

More Cuteness...:D

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