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Hype PResidential Race '06: Team Green

Tsunulia said:

iHack = been there done that mediocrity!!




alright, only one pic or GIF for every user for every page.
DOG LIPS said:

Vote for S4E and you comeout on top!

FunBobPants said:
in the event of a tie , the host (me) will cast the deciding vote.

FunBobPants said:
alright, only one pic or GIF for every user for every page.


BTW, your rules don't apply to me little man!

S4E, doesn't take **** from communist!
Stand up to the man and tell him to...



This message of resistance is brought to you by: The S4E Foundation!
It's SO obvious that you guys are making new user-IDs and voting...at least spread it out a little!

9 votes in less than 2 minutes? Please...

This should have been a public poll!
believe me, if ANYONE is making multiple user names, its Ronny. WE are not doing it.

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