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Hype Presidential Race '06: Final Battle Royale


Apr 13, 2006
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Welcome to the Hype Presidential Finals. our four lucky finalists have made it through to this round. either by campaigning or voter fraud. Either way, youre stuck with them. now vote, dammit vote!

EDIT: sorry, i meant to make this end tonite. anyway. please stop voting around 2 am eastern on Friday. im gonna be out of town tonight, dont do anything after this ends until i come back
:( I can't compete against those guys :( Good luck anyways guys :up:

oh ya, Vote for Tsunulia :)
no. he was being a self righteous ass posting around 20 gifs a page. i disqualified him
FunBobPants said:
no. he was being a self righteous ass posting around 20 gifs a page. i disqualified him
"self-rightous" huh? Is this a case of the kettle calling the pot black?
FunBobPants said:
his damn gifs were crashing my comp and making it next to impossible for any other candidates to post there. i warned him. he didnt listen

You warn me after I posted the GIF and you didn't explain yourself at all! You just demanded that I STOP...no reasoning! Had you asked nicely I would have, and if you re-read the whole discussion, after you said "please" in one of your replies, and explained you couldn't view the thread, I did!
uh. no you didnt, remember the "you said one GIF, not four!" post you made?
If there's anyone here who oughta be disqualified, it's FunBobPants. He's nowhere near impartial enough to run the show.
This is gonna be an interesting ride..............*leans back and munches on popcorn*
This whole popularity contest polarises people. I had higher regard for FBP before this thing started. Now he's dropped a few notches. And I bet the feeling's mutual. So, yeah. This pointless contest sucks.

Unless I win. ;)
FB you didn't put a close date on the poll. When does this thing end?
You really should have made the thread so that we could see who voted for each other.
This is pointless unless you make it a public poll. Any idiot can vote for themselves 50 times.
This whole thing was done kinda badly. Was Flexo in this thing at all? No? Then it was done badly.

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