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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Identity


Enter The Sym
Sep 18, 2005
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Think about this for a moment....what is the chances that Norman Osborn already know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man?

Curt Conners knows that Peter is Spidey. The Man is the Shadows(MitS) apparently sees Peter as a threat, given his tremendous interest & concern on what Connors have told "the boy" of his parents. Is it possible, we didn't see all of the exchange(debriefing)...may have Connors told the MitS that the boy is Spider-Man? Prompting Connors to warn the MitS, "You should leave him alone." Do the MitS now realize the implications of Peter being the only successful "Cross-Genectic Experiment(although accidental)?" Which may prompt the MitS hope for a cure of Norman's apparently terminal disease?

Which leads to the fact that Peter does not know, does not have a clue, that he has a deadly and venerable enemy.
Norman knew from the begging that Peter was Spider-man in USM comics , it would not surprise me Norman watching Peter every move since he walked in Oscorp and maybe he let him enter de spider room easier than others , and he keeps tracking his steps and probably Harry invites Peter to his house because Norman told him to do it just like USM
I definitely think Norman knows.

May is another matter - maybe it'll be one of those ongoing things. She might know... She might not... Personally think she worked it out.
May probably almost knows. Norman probably definitely knows.
I'm set on Aunt May knowing. There's no way they could pull a, "Oh I thought Peter was just getting into fights." Plus, I think that shot of her realizing after Capt. Stacy issues the arrest warrant on TV kind of gives it away.

Norman? I think that's a whole different story. Norman possibly worked with. Connors who worked with Richard. Who knows what those three know?
I'd say the chances are about 98.8% that Norman knows Peter is Spider-Man. And didn't realize that was in question.

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