if you could make the x-men cartoon how would you do it?


Sep 9, 2008
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I just thought I'd make this thread for anyone to share their ideas about X-men cartoons like what style of character models, story, character ect.
also what would you call it?

Personally if I was in charge of an X-men cartoon I'd try to go as close to the comics as possible

probably start the 1st season with the original 5 and add to the team
around like the 15th episode if it was a 26 episode season it'd reach Giant-sized X-men before the last episode.
I'd know for villains Magneto, Juggernaut, Sauron, Mimic, the Brother Hood, ect.

the 2nd season would continue along into the Dark Phoenix saga and end with Days of Future past as an epilogue type episode I guess.

then the 3rd season X-factor is formed and the show would follow both teams switching each episode and having others where they're both involved but don't meet and throw in at least 1 or 2 episodes devoted to the New Mutants. Mutant Massacre, Fall of the Mutants and Inferno would all be included in this season.

4th season Blue and gold Bishop, Gambit, Cable all the 90's stuff we've loved from the 90's cartoon. and I'd even give the second X-factor an episode or 2. Apocalypse and Onslaught and Mr. Sinister would all be really big here but lets not forget Magneto... oh yeah and Stryfe.

and it would continue so on basically till it caught up with the comics how would you guys do it?
I just woke up so I'm not into thinking a whole lot. But I like the idea that they don't take right from the comics. It keeps the X-Men fresh and unpredictable. If they stuck to the comics, everyone would know whats next and how everything plays out.
not necessarily you can base it off the comics and follow the story, but change little things to make it fresh. I'd just prefer it to stick more to the source material and follow the same story. that doesn't mean it can't be unpredictable.
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I'd do a New Recruits sPinoff from X-Men Evolution in the style of Sealab 2021. I already made comics out of the first one and a half episodes.

But if I were to do a live action series, I'd start it off, like Evo did, in a world where mutants are pretty much an Urban Legend. The Xavier Institute'd be a private school. Cyclops, Jean, Beast, Angel & Iceman would be faculty and field team. The main focus students would be Storm, Rogue, Kitty, Colossus, SunsPot & Nightcrawler. There would lots of other familiar students in the halls. Wolverine would be like his Ultimate self, a double agent sent by Magneto who switches sides in the end.
I would begin with a recruitment episode similar to the first movie and the ultimate line of comics. That way we get to establish that there is a team of sorts, but be introduced to them and their purpose through the eyes of a couple of new recruits - maybe Iceman and Kitty (or Rogue).

Team starts out as 20 something Scott, Jean, Forge, and Beast.
Scott because the franchises outside of the comics desperately need to firmly place

Scott as the first X-Man, protege of Xavier and strongest believer in his dream.

Jean because the love triangle has to come up at some point (though for God's sake
organically, not forced and giving the impression that Jean is quite capable of cheating on Scott)

Forge because I do believe the mansion needs impressive tech, and without Shiar influence it has to come from somewhere and it kinda needs to be a combination of funding from Xaviers fortune and investments, and Forge's ability to make anything rather than Xavier buy in most stuff from military contractors which'd cost him billions. Forge will also have made a lot from military contracts and patents like in the comics.

Beast for strength, Charles intellectual equal and conversationalist, Forge's fellow tech geek to work on projects together, and the heart of the team that bridges the gap betwen Logan's 'do what he wants' attitude, and Scott's 'boyscout' attitude.

Charles is 50, Scott is 25, Jean 24, Forge 26 (not a wimp like the current cartoon one, but an Afgan vet like comics Forge was a Vietnam vet), Beast 26 (couple years of postdoc behind him after beginnning his PhD a year early).

Starts out as Iceman and Rogue on the road together after Rogue turning up in Bobby's town. She had fled home after putting her boyfriend in a coma and the sudden explosion of her power and his memories has swiss cheesed her brain and made her lose a lot of her past. She only has vague memories but can't be sure which are hers and which are her boyfriends. She gets started on by a bunch of guys outside a college bar, and her being so afraid of hurting them by touching them ironically eggs them on. Bobby (who already knows about his own powers but does the best to hide them at the behest of his parents) comes along and is forced to use his powers standing up for Rogue. Everyone around goes nuts at a mutant living in their turn. Xavier, after tracking Rogue's movements (after her power manifestation sending Cerebro crazy) arrives with Scott and calms the town, convincing Bobby's parents that the school is the safest place for him to learn yadda yadda yadda.

Introduced to the mansion (with prerequisite encounter with Forge and Hank playing with some new gadget and it going amusingly slightly wrong), Charles interrupts Jean's tour with news that the currently illegal (but still occuring) mutant registration database has been located in Virginia by (insert suitable x-men member here - possibly Kurt as he can be helluva stealthy). They go (with Rogue sneaking on board despite Bobbby's warnings as she believe the database might have info on her to help her find out who she is), and run into the Canadian Team X who are also there to take the database down as it contains info on several classified Canadian mutants. The members are Sabretooth, Mystique, Wildchild, and Wolverine (who at this point works for the team for whatever reasons he did in the comics - I forget).

During the course of the obvious fight - in which only Wolverine shows restraint, Rogue appears and gets into some crap with Sabretooth who's about to gut her. Wolverine saves her and turns on his team. Having no place else to go and a whole lotta gaps in his memories too (which endears him to Rogue as a kindred spirit), he joins the team to regain his memories, fight for a better cause and try to learn to control the best within.

That way Logan is not the long term member, not a natural leader but not yet an ass about doing whatever the hell he pleases, and always struggling with who he is. Episodes (to keep a modicum of focus on Wolverine for the movie tie ins etc) have many Logan centric episodes but including the entire team who go on a mission (proactive, not sit around the mansion waiting to get attacked and go on the defensive) and run into a villain who has a tie to Logans complicated and colourful past. This way we get Logan everywhere, but with the team to back him up and all learn about him at the same time. Scott calls the shots, but Logan gets more in his face as he gets more confident about being an X-Man and learns he may well have played a big part in mutant affairs and history already.
I've never wanted to do a cartoon, but I have a few ideas for a live show.

I kind of wanted to do more of a building/character development show.

With first season kind of shifting between a few years after the end of world war 2 and the presentish.

Basically the focal point of the first season would be the relationship between Xavier and Magneto.

This includes how they met, them revealing that they are mutants to each other, then basically the both of them starting on Xavier's dream. Going to recruit mutants, like finding Scott...or visiting the Greys.

We'd also get some shows of them training the likes of Scott, Jean, Beast, Angel, and Bobby early on.

The last few episodes of the 1st season would kind of go into a rift between Eric and Charles, as Eric seriously doubts there can be peace between humans and mutants.

I'd do some reveals showing that Eric had been recruiting some mutants behind Xavier's back for his own purposes.

Season finale would basically pit the X-men (original 5) against The Brotherhood (hadn't really decided anyone but obviously Magneto and Mystique)

That would be the concentrated area of the first season. But the show like I said would be more towards slow builds to things. "filler" episodes would be specific character back stories. Obviously there would be a Pheonix saga season eventually, a storyline for days of future past, I'd do something with House of M, lots of stuff to think about, but I really would try and make this first season strong.
I'm glad they don't stick to the comics that would be sooo boring. I don't want to see an exact identical story of one of my comic issues. What would the point be of wakening up every morning if you already know how things are gonna turn out? If I did an x-men cartoon I'd make sure there was blood!! I wanna do the 'Age Of Apocalypse' storyline and incorporate all the different comics involved i.e Astonishing x, amazing x, Genreation next, factor x, x-calibre and so on and make it in to one big 3hr movie. I'd tweak a lot of things though and do away with the softcore notion. My x-men cartoon will have an 18 certificate!
Pretty much here we're saying how we would prefer to have had Ultimate X-Men done
lol. I like this thread. You see, all of your cartoon ideas are great but no matter what, people are going to compare it to the classic X-men TAS. so..........I would just pick up where X-men TAS left off. Have new designs, themes, and stories but still follow the root. Batman TAS to Superman TAS to Justice League is a great example of what I'm talking about.
There's nothing good about X-Men TAS. If my X-men cartoon was compared to that load of crap I'd be SERIOUSLY insulted!
Okay this is my idea:

First I would break the mold with the animation by making it all 3D (think the new Resident Evil DTV or the Starship Troopers Animated show) and hire good voice talent in the respective roles.

I would make sure not to have to large of a group of X-Men the problem with the X-Men in series form is you end up with about 100 characters living at the mansion by the end of season four and no one can get to know that many characters so you need to keep it down to about 5,6,or 7, maybe 8 main cast members and have some mutants coming to live with them and coming to help them every once in the while

This would be a lot more like the movies then the comics in terms of scope and especially costume (I'm thinking they need to pay more homage then the movies did but still keep them in the grounded world that the movies are in). I want it to look like a live action X-Men series because that probably wont happen and this would be the closest I could think of having one.
I would do the opposite.

i would create a world where everyone had powers and the x-men didn't or at least the rich were capable of paying for their powers and mutants were people who developed them naturally and were hated for attempting to be the new world order.
Well that wouldnt be the X-Men now would it? If everyone CAN have powers, but often don't simply because its a money issue. Then the rich and powerful would be the dominant power anyway cos they'd have powers as well. Sentinels wouldn't be required because the government would just superpower every GI that volunteers. Difference would not be feared because people can pay for powers, thereby making the X-Men just free powered people rather than bankrolled.

The fear is that people can't defend themselves against superpowered people who not only don't choose to have powers but don't even come by them in a one in a million shot of lab accident. Lab accidents you can control; birthright abilities - not so much.

I'm afraid your idea kind of slaps the face of the purpose of the X-Men
well the fear can come from the part that the government or powers that be can't now pick and choose who are the priveleged members of society.

so the powers are associated with the elite, the hellfire club per say could be people who have paid for the privelege of having powers.

the mutants now spit in the face of the hierachial system set up and threatens to undermine it all. SOme people use it as a form of climbing the social ladder while the rich threaten to take them out.

the point of this all is that the everday person is unaware of the additional priveleges of the rich and the mutants threaten to bring it all down.

so the its not the mutants themselves that are particularly feared, its those in power who fear what it means for their system of control.

also the idea of a sentinel could be updated, so it does not undermine the system.
so you mean the marvel universe? you know where mutants are feared but someone like Tony Stark can get powers by building a suit and he is a super hero for it but if it happens naturally as it does for mutants their freaks and need to be locked up.
Firstly I start with the main group of X-Men, Cyclops,Jean, Beast,Ice-Man,Cannonball,Storm.

With students as Kitty,Jubilee, Spyke,Boom-Boom.

Then later I would add to the team such as Rogue,Wolverine, Forge,Angel, Nightcrawler,Gambit.

The first season would be how currently Xavier is searching and tracking down mutants with "Abilities" in order to stop Magneto forming an army on Genosha. While searching for these other mutants he discovers Wolverine in Canada and with amnesia. Xavier sends the X-Men to help Wolverine but due to his amnesia he attacks the X-Men with brute force, Jean would then unable Wolverine with her powers.

Later at the mansion Xavier explains to wolverine what he(Wolverine) is and how Xavier can help him.

The team accepts Wolverine apart from Cyclops who has already seen the flirtation between Logan and Jean, and also Xavier placing Logan in charge of X-Men.

With Xavier helping Logan to find his memories he holds information back from Logan in order for him to stay but told Logan he couldn't find anything.

Enter Magneto

Half-way through the season I would have Magneto debut as he and the brotherhood of Mutants attack Robert Kelly, with having a mutant as a member of Robert Kelly's campaign (Mystique). Magneto along with the Brotherhood kidnap and torture Robert Kelly in order for Kelly to demand mutant freedom.

The X-Men come to the rescue to Robert Kelly in a big-battle, after the battle Kelly is grateful to Xavier and the X-Men but also has alternative motives. Kelly enlists Dr.Bolivar Trask to programme and hunt all mutants.

While unknowing of this a unknown man(Nick Fury) tries to extract Wolverine from the mansion with the help of S.H.I.E.L.D and tells what Kelly is really doing (Fury also hints of knowing Logan personally). Nick Fury wants Logan to capture a mutant for him (Sabretooth) so S.H.I.E.L.D can control Sabretooth for their own reasons. While returning to Canada Logan tracks down Sabretooth and have several altercations with him, knowing Logan has amnesia Creed hints they too also know each other from Weapon X continuing to fight in Canada (Alpha Flight appears) and capture them both.

While captured Alpha flight continue to decide on what to do with them as in rejoining the team. Logan and Sabretooth breath out and Sabretooth vows that they'll meet again.

As Logan returns to the mansion things have happened, Sentinels have attacked the mansion and is being re-paired with the help of Colossus who have joined the team.

Logan also finds out that Cyclops and Jean have split up, Xavier has found other mutants using Cerebro and has sent Storm,Beast and Ice-Man,Cannonball to recruit her(Roque). As they find her in Mississippi, they encounter the Brotherhood who consist of (Avalanche,Quicksilver,Toad,Blob,Pyro,Domino) as Mystique have sent them to recruit her(Roque) too. As a battle between the groups happen the distraught Roque chooses the X-Men, they return to the mansion with Roque and Xavier explains and teaches her what the world is like.

While Magneto is on Genosha with Scarlett Witch and Polaris (and other various mutant followers) they continue to fight for mutant freedom by attacking various anti-mutant headquarters such as FOH.MRD etc.

Xavier knows of the Sentinals headquarters and sends the X-Men to it and orders that it be destroyed. As the X-Men attack the HQ of the Sentinals Xaviers uses Cerebro to locate any other mutants inside and does.. Nightcrawler. Members of the X-Men rescue Nightcrawler and he aids them in the battle but later disappears.

As the X-Men return home to the mansion Jean has a mental breakdown and unleashes The Phoenix.

That would probably be the first season obviously some of that has been from previous series of X-Men.

Professor Charles Xavier
Jean Grey


Brotherhood Of Mutants
Scarlett Witch

Season two would involve other groups and such but would mainly cover The Phoenix saga.
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I would modernize everything and make the characters younger.
If only we could think of a good title for that.... maybe... X-Men Evolution! ;)
If I could helm an X-Men project, I'd basically have 3 (2-hereos, 1 villain) central characters per season who gets major character development
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Instead of the endless horde of X-men origins movies, i would make a x-men Origins the tv series were theres five parters for aload of characters. Like wolverine, sabretooth or gambit.
I'd try to go with something fresh and original, avoiding the cookie cutter format that's come before. Each animated series has added something fresh to change it up since the original 90s show (Evo made the main characters teenagers, WatXM added the future Xavier twist), but I think to make an X-Men cartoon truly unique, it has to be completely different.

I'd start it off with only a small, ragtag group of actual X-Men in existence. Flashbacks would reveal how the team originally began and thrived at the mansion, with many students and a whole new generation of mutants being instructed as prospective X-Men. However, things changed drastically when anti-mutant humans working for the Friends of Humanity unleashed the Legacy Virus. Thousands of mutants were killed before a cure was found.

This would lead to a post-House of M type of universe, but less drastic - mutants aren't exactly an endangered species, but they're not far off. Robert Kelly, in league with Graydon Creed and the Friends of Humanity, has used his presidency campaign as a means of whipping up anti-mutant hysteria. The reduction of the mutant population has led to a divison amongst the survivors, with no-one quite agreeing on how to handle and protect the remaining mutants. This, along with the increasing persecution of mutantkind, led to the mansion being shut as a school and the X-Men fracturing into various factions.

The X-Men themselves are the few that still believe in Xavier's dream of peaceful co-existence, and consist of Storm, Beast, Psylocke, Iceman, Nightcrawler, and Colossus. They are the main focus of the show, with the other teams/characters acting as recurring cast members.

Some former X-Men, along with other mutants, form X-Force. These are those that believe that it is acceptable to use any means necessary to protect mutantkind from organisations such as the Friends of Humanity, and consist of Wolverine, Cable, Domino, Polaris, and Havok.

X-Factor are a secret, government-sponsored agency used to handle mutant affairs when things get out of control. Overseen by Val Cooper, this group consists of Quicksilver, Multiple Man, Forge, Mystique (acting as a double agent working for Magneto), Warpath, and Shatterstar.

Some of Xavier's former students were resistant to return home when the school was closed, and so formed Generation X, a young vigilante team overseen by Emma Frost and consisting of Hellion, Surge, X-23, Pixie, Jubilee, and Chamber.

Other mutants have attempted to return to normal lives, either hiding their mutant status or living openly as mutants. These include Cyclops, Jean Grey, Dazzler, Banshee, and Shadowcat.

Magneto is the head of the ruling council of a mutant-only Genosha, working alongside Emma Frost, Scarlet Witch, Archangel, and Marrow (representing the Morlocks, who left the sewers to seek refuge on the island).

The main storyline would be the X-Men trying to balance the various power plays, clashing views, and mutant factions in order to restore mutantkind to its former condition.

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