Itigaki Speaks on DOAX2, Will develop on PS3, and talks about Wii


Jul 19, 2002
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In his opinion the Wii is powerful enough for it's function as a game machine, actually they talk about a lot more than just that it's a good interview.

Interviewer: Back in the last generation you said that you chose to develop for the XBOX because it was the most powerful platform available at the time. Now you've continued developing for the 360 - do you still believe that's the case - is the 360 the more powerful console between that and the playstation 3 and if so is that why you chose 360 for your games?

Itagaki: So ofcourse right now as it stands 360 is the most powerful system because PS3 isn't out yet but when it does come out I'm sure it's going to be a good system but the difference is not as great as going from the previous generation to the current generation.

So generally speaking amongst the development community we say that if the new machine is 4 times more powerful any old developer can show the difference but when the difference is only maybe double only a few talented developers can show off the difference.

Going from PS1 to PS2 that was a big y'know leap forward - there was more than 4 times (y'know 10 fold) so then anyone can show the big difference and people were surprised and impressed by it. Going from 360 to PS3 is not as great of a leap.

Hopefully it's Ninja Gaiden cross platform, that's really the only game he has made in the past that I enjoy.
Watch the video:mad:

He said that while he isn't developing for it right now, he wants to but that he ahs a lot of projects to focus on, he is however helping a co-worker who is making a Wii game, and said that the machine is powerful enough for it's concept, he has no problem with the 'lack of power'.
i dont wanna watch the video, you better post an article! also, why do people say the wii cant handle games like assains creed and metal gear solid.
He doesn't confirm that it would only be on the 360 all he says is he would never betray the Ninja Gaiden fans, that still leaves open the possibility of a PS3 edition. Not PS3 exclusivity, because that would be a betryal to his fans who are predominantly on the 360.

I was expecting a lot more fuss over the power comments. :o

You're a horrible human being for play DOAX2. :mad:
Come on! It's a racing game with a fun volleyball component with loads of mini-games.

It's worth the price!
Apparently it takes a Nintendo fan to see the potential when their reps speak. They always talk so humbly about their creations whilst others paint pictures through the roof that can't be met.

Sounds good. :up:
Wait, what did he say? You know what he said? He said a whole lot of nothing!


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