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Jackson To build UFO Airport

Super Flight

Jan 17, 2006
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Would you like to see Michael Jackson Make a UFO airport for aliens? or do you think its just another crazy idea? well I'd like to see this happen. it'll be pretty cool in my opinion. :)

The "King of Pop" or "Wacko Jacko" (as some refer to him) may be looking to expand his Neverland kingdom. This time he's looking for those little green guys from another planet.

Michael reportedly wants to build an airport for aliens. According to Michael Luckman, director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research and author of "Alien Rock," Jackson would like to set up the landing strip in the Nevada desert.

"Michael wants to welcome extra-terrestrials to earth to film the landing," Luckman said in his book. According to Luckman, Jackson also has claimed to be from another planet himself.

"Michael identified the planet as 'A Capricious Anomaly in the Sea of Space' and said it was located 'just beyond our solar system.'" Did anyone bother to ask him when he'd be returning?

Jackson hasn’t limited himself to alien interaction; he’s been involved with the paranormal for some time.


Insert clever insult/joke here
That can't be true.
The man cannot be this insane.

Maybe him and Tom Cruise can await the return of Xenu together
i think it's a cool idea, even if aliens don't come, just to see how michael disigns the airport and how it might look. It could become a main attraction
He's hoping his own species will come take him home.
And he keeps getting weirder
I hope he builds it and a UFO comes to take him off this planet.
I'm going to fly there and tell him I'm an alien...I'll wear a Vader mask or something.
Just when I thought he could'nt get any crazier, he proves me wrong:( :o
I really hope someone assassinates him just so he can not live anymore.
^ but he could very well have super powers like superman!!! :eek: Think of the moonwalk! and super body morphing powers!
...with what money is he using to build it...he's forgotten already that he is broke.
i think he's already been visited. but yes, for entertainment and to see what happens.
Whats he trying to do fly some of his relatives in?
commenting to keep track of this amazing thread.

btw: What could he possibly mean about a planet just beyond our solar system? Impossible, that planet would just be part of our solar system if that was the case. Planets can either be part of our solar system or part of A solar system somewhere else, and the closest would be.. the one star, that's still really ****ing far away. He gets an F in Astonomy.
Hes going to make a new album i've heard, so he'll make it with the money he gets off from that, hehe maybe he'll sing about some alien songs or somthing

They are here from the planet vulcan to fry our brains
Immortalfire said:
He's hoping his own species will come take him home.

You know, come to think of it, the pale skin, big eyes, nose nearly non-existent, he's looking more and more like E.T. every day. And we thought he was trying to become a white woman, boy were we wrong!!

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