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Nov 11, 2003
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UPDATE: Pic's of new tat from 6/25 are on Page 3 of this thread.

Hi Folks,
Yesterday I finally realized a goal I've been working towards for nearly three years. I finally found the right artist to do a custom tattoo of my jaguar, and he put it onto my skin yesterday. It's on my left shoulder, across the shoulder blade. It turned out better than I'd imagined. As you can very well guess, this tattoo means a great deal to me for many reasons. This was taken immediately after he'd finished working on me, so the skin is a little red, but not too bad. There's a little bit of glare, but you can see most of it. We did it all in a single sitting of 3 1/2 hours with a 5-10 minute break. This was my first tattoo, and I'm looking at getting a matching one of this guy on my right shoulder blade, only doing him as a black jaguar. I'm happy with it, and thought I'd share.


dude that looks wicked , not my thing tho, but still cool
dood! he totally butchered you! Are you going to lay criminal charges? I would be so pissed man. It's not right for a n artiist to do that. Was he mad or something?
Great artist...for a second i thought the tail was peeling off your skin...
It actually looks like the jaq is hanging on to your shoulder, especially at the tail. Very well done. I am impressed. :up:
Thasts awsome, you want me to make it into an avatar like Shyiar?

'Cept l would make it look cool.
very nice...not my kind of thing but nice anyway
How long did it take for the work of art to be completed and did it hurt?
Looks cool.
Nice shadowline.

You know that this is an offense to GOD, right?

tattoos (Lev. 19:28 "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.")

No joke.

I am reading these freaky CAPalert reviews ... damn, they make me sick... :D
That looks great, Jag. It seriously looks like it's 3d, especiallt it's tail.
Thanks, everyone, for the nice comments. I'm definitely happy with it. It's a custom design from a collaboration between myself and the tattoo artist.

Klxnt: The avatar you did is pretty cool, man! Thanks! When I get a little time I'll put it into my profile! :up:

DBella: It took 3 1/2 hours to put it on me. We took a 5-10 minute break at about the halfway mark because the artist was having a nicotine fit. Heh! :D Did it hurt? Sure it did. I have a very high pain tolerance, though, so it wasn't all that bad for me. The part that hurt the most was the tail, as it's down on part of my lateral's & ribcage more than the rest of the tattoo.

Garian: If I believed in God, maybe I'd be worried about offending him. Besides, that quote sounds more like the personal beliefs of someone who had a hand in writing part of the bible. ;)

3 1/2 hours - Wow! But if you're happy with the result, I guess it must be worth all those pain. Isn't it a practice to use anesthetic for such a long and painful procedure?

As for offending God with tattoos, I don't buy that. What does artwork on your skin have anything to do with your faith in God?

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