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Jamin Winans The Frame


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Jan 6, 2009
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Jamin Winans made a name for himself as a filmmaker with Ink — an impressive dark fantasy that found a balance between emotionally gripping storytelling and unique visuals. His short films haven’t hurt either. It’s fairly obvious that he’s passionate about fairy tales and genre filmmaking in equal measure, but so far there are almost no details about what his forthcoming movie, The Frame, will be about.

According to an email from Winans, the project has set up a Facebook page in order to make the production interactive. The above image was taken from the page with no comment beyond “Something you might see in The Frame.” Mystery abounds.

I’m currently hunting down a synopsis, but absent that, it’s a matter of climbing aboard the train bicycle of this new work based on Winan’s track record. Considering the true cult status of Ink, that won’t be hard to do for many fans (including this one).
Some BTS photos from their facebook page











Oh... hey there, it's Jamin Winans abusing your Facebook time. Say, I would love to hear about how you're doing and all of that, but instead I'm going to go straight into how you can help me.

So we're making this movie "The Frame" right now which I've been told (by at least 3 people) will be worth watching. And we're in need of extras for a few scenes. Trick is, we're shooting in Denver, Colorado so if you don't live here you will likely have to be with us in spirit.

We have a couple days coming right up when we need folks. We need 21-40 year olds for a club scene this very Saturday (May 11th) night (for about two hours) and we need kind souls of any age next Wednesday (May 15th). There are other days in late May and June as well.

"But wait", you say. "I have a severe hunchback, lazy eye, and make strange noises when I walk. You couldn't possibly want me." Not true, all actors are beautiful in our eyes and we would love to have you... As long as you're not Irish. That's where we draw the line.

So let us know if you want to be part of maybe the greatest movie that was ever made and we'll get you in this thing. If so, please send an email to Ashley Nagel (who is awesome) at: [email protected].

Don't respond here because I'm incompetent at organizing these things. Seriously.

We really appreciate your continued love and support. Next time we'll talk about you I swear.

Not yet, they haven't released a plot description anywhere I look.
It's kind of sad seeing Kane be the only one to contribute to this thread. I believe in you Kane numbers!
yeah I know. :csad: I hope it changes when they release the trailer.
I'll try to help to keep I it going. I really love Ink, although I'll admit that I got confused about the ending (I had to check the synopsis to get a real grasp on it). It was such a creative world, and I love any work of fiction that's about dreams like Ink, inception and Paprika. I wonder if this will be another supernatural/ fantasy type film.
Holy hell, that was a pretty awesome trailer! It's, in a way, unconventional. It doesn't really tell you what the movie is going to be about/strays from the generic trailer formula. I love it! The visuals were compelling with the musical score.

I have so much respect for Jamin Winans. I didn't know this thread existed! I would have been contributing to it like no other. haha Very cool to see someone like yourself Kane passionate about the stuff he creates.

INK was such a beautifully done film. I listen to that soundtrack when I'm working on things. I hope the same can be said for this film.


The Frame is a film about functioning in (and despite) our wounds, our hurts and histories, and (more importantly) it is a movie about the consequences, ink-black and obscure, ready to rise around our ankles if we choose to embrace hurt over healing. Just don't expect a one-watch experience. Like Heartless or Ink before it, there are too many precisely-placed puzzle pieces to all be grasped the first time through. Fortunately, also like those movies, understanding the story The Frame is telling you is both reason and heartfelt reward. Enjoy the journey.
My review

It's a movie that literally thinks outside the box, it's an incredible piece of film making. The only way I can describe this movie without giving away the plot is imagine if In the Mouth of Madness made sweet sweet love with Ink. It not only breaks the 4th wall, it demolishes the whole room. The performances was really great, Jamin Winans made sure there wasn't any bad eggs this time around. The story and the score stuck with me like it did with Ink. High recommendation.
Oooh, I missed this until now! I'm gonna get on this one tonight :)
I actually didn't enjoy it as much as i'd hoped.

I'd say it was a good film, but not great. It was just a bit slow, not much going on... which isn't always a bad thing if the atmosphere, score, visuals are really impressive, but I didn't find them to be.

My boyfriend said he really enjoyed it, but personally I got bored.

I'll still keep an eye on his stuff though. If anything, it's at least different :)

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