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Jim Carrey in Ripley's Believe it or Not!....directed by Tim Burton


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Mar 8, 2004
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Carrey & Burton Teaming on Ripley Pic
Source: Variety
November 29, 2005

Jim Carrey will topline and Tim Burton will direct Paramount Pictures' action-adventure film based on the exploits of Robert Ripley, the explorer and newspaper columnist who created "Ripley's Believe It or Not."

Variety reports that the studio expects to begin production on the tentpole in London in October for a late 2007 release.

Carrey, who'll next be seen starring in Fun with Dick and Jane, will squeeze in two movies before reporting to the Ripley set. He'll next star for Joel Schumacher in the New Line thriller Number 23 opposite Elisabeth Shue, and then he will star with Ben Stiller in the Jay Roach-directed Used Guys for 20th Century Fox.

The trade says the studio courted Burton and Carrey for several months. Once Burton came clear of "The Corpse Bride," he sparked to the idea of doing the script with Carrey.

The film is scripted by Burton's Ed Wood writers Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander. The duo also worked with Carrey on the Andy Kaufman biopic Man on the Moon.

New project picks up Ripley at a time when he has attained celebrity status through a "Believe It or Not" column that chronicled his search for the greatest oddities on the planet. Along the way, he learns to appreciate his unusual human discoveries as more than mere conquests to be catalogued.
hmmm as much as a dislike Carry this sounds like it has promise. Burton and Carry now that combo could be one of the most looked over pairings that should have teamed up long ago.
I can't wait to see Jim Carrey and Ben Stiller work together.
Sounds cool. Its interesting that he is working with Burton then Schumacher and was also at one time going to star in a Howard Hughes biopic directed by Nolan...
Wow.....Carrey in a thriller.....That should be cool........Ripley's with Burton, and a script by the Ed Wood people could defineitly turn out really good.
Action-adventure biopic of Robert Ripley with Burton and Carrey?
I'm there.

But something tells me it's not going to happen, it's just has that too good (and weird) to be true feeling.
This sound like a cool concept. Jim Carrey is a great actor when he is allowed to act; I feel bad for the guy because people only seem to ever want to see him act like an idiot in all of his movies and they claim is is miscast whenever he tries to do a serious role. And Burton (75% of the time) is a hell of a director, so this could be really interesting and visually stunning.
I would love to see him do something other then act stupid. I can't stand how he plays the same character. The only movie I can stand him in realy is A Series of Unfortinate Events.
seems intresting.

Darth Rockwell said:
I would love to see him do something other then act stupid. I can't stand how he plays the same character. The only movie I can stand him in realy is A Series of Unfortinate Events.

have you seen Truman Show or The Majestic?
Yes I saw the Truman Show and thought it was horrid. He came off as wooden in it. At least thats how I preseved it. It was almost like he was trying so hard not to be goofy that you just couldn't take him serious.

However I have not seen the Majestic yet. I've wanted to just never had the time.
Sounds cool, I hope Carrey learns how to act before they start shooting, all he does is the same character over and over again, he over acts way too much, I'm tired of him repeating himself.
Nice concept, great team, sounds like a hit to me :up:
Cool, Riddler teams up with former Batman director!
The Squirrel said:
seems intresting.

have you seen Truman Show or The Majestic?

Don't forget Enternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, that's just miles of awesome. :up:
MaskedManJRK said:
Don't forget Enternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, that's just miles of awesome. :up:

Deffinately, it's his best serious role yet followed by Man on the Moon (In my opinion :o ). :up:

Carrey and Burton then Carrey and Stiller followed by Carrey in a thriller! I'm so happy I could pop. ^_^ This reminds me I need to get that Dumb and Dumber special edition...is it even out yet?
wow...im suprised burton didnt ask depp to do it...

I love robert ripley, read a bunch of his comic strips and books
Oedekerk to Rewrite Believe It or Not!
Source: Variety December 18, 2006

Paramount Pictures has resurrected the shelved Ripley's Believe It or Not!, hiring Steve Oedekerk to overhaul the script, reports Variety.

Remaining in place are Jim Carrey as Ripley and Tim Burton as director, both of whom approved Oedekerk. The studio is eyeing a winter 2008 production start in China and a 2009 release date.

One of the most ambitious and pricey pictures hatched by the new Paramount regime, "Ripley's" was postponed months before its fall production start. The trade says executives made that move because they faced the prospect of a China shoot with a budget north of $150 million, when Burton and especially Carrey were still coming up with ideas that necessitated a significant rewrite of the script by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski.

Oedekerk and Carrey began collaborating on "In Living Color," and Oedekerk wrote and directed Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and scripted Bruce Almighty. Oedekerk most recently scripted the Tom Shadyac-directed Evan Almighty, starring Steve Carell.

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