Justice League: Who's in charge?


Oct 8, 2000
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In every team, there's usually one guy/woman in charge.

From the character breakdowns from EW, WW may be the 'face' of the League, but I doubt she'd be in charge.

A) The most obvious candidate for 'leader' would be Superman, but two things are against this:-

(1) In WB's eyes in terms of audience recognition and BO takings, the number #1 DC character is Batman. Supes is a distant second.

(2) The fact that neither Welling OR Routh (seen by the audience as the 'official' live-action Clark Kent/Superman) will be in the film.

B) The next choice (and most profitable in WB's eyes) would be to make Batman in charge (even though he's not a 'Superhero' like the others). However, the fact that neither the current live-action Batman (Bale) OR previous Batmen will play the role in JL makes this very hard to do.

C) The only option left would be to make the core trio (Supes, Bats and WW) the main group (which is logical). EXCEPT for the fact that only 2 of the 3 have been in live action in the last 30 years (You can't just introduce Diana, Amazon princess and then have her in charge at the same time).

On paper, options B and C are the best, and can be 'fixed' / assisted by the appropriate casting. If Batman is in charge of the League, expect a 'name' actor to be cast (Not an A-lister, but definitely someone that most people have heard of). So far, this hasn't happened, so Option C looks more likely.

If the trio are in charge (as in the comics), expect three lesser known actors (people in big/popular films which they starred in (like Transformer's Josh Dushamel)), EXCEPT one actor (probably female) will be better known than the others (Just like Jessica Biel for WW - odds are she would have been the biggest name of the Big 3).

Am I totally off the mark?
I see Batman as the strategist, but Superman as the leader and he makes the final decision.
Superman should be the one they look up to, but I don't think we need a Leader, per se.
I see Batman falling in love with Lois while Superman stays mostly in the background. In the second movie Supes will be off screen for most of the film. And he'll be killed by Lois early on in the 3rd film.

^ The funny thing is that Hugh Jackman would've been a kickarse Batman.
Although Superman Returns was financially disappointing, Superman is still the most well-known and iconic superhero.

The way I see it, there shouldn't be an official, technical leader (unless at some point in the movie the League elects a chairperson, who should be Supes), but Superman and Batman should share the leadership role.

Superman is the great hero, the one with the most power, who everyone knows and admires. Meanwhile, Batman is the type to take charge. He thinks he's smarter than everyone else, and what's more that's actually true and the others recognize it.

So while Superman is the face and the heart of the League, Batman is the mind.
It'll probably be Batman or Superman, but I wouldn't mind seeing The Martian Manhunter in charge, in the late 80's run of the Justice League Batman handed over the leadership role to MM and I thought he made for a great leader, and it could work for the film as well if they get a guy like Lawrence Fishburne for the role
In every team, there's usually one guy/woman in charge.

From the character breakdowns from EW, WW may be the 'face' of the League, but I doubt she'd be in charge.

i thought it was already clear that WW is more of the "face" of the League, similar to what Angelina Jolie does for the UN. she smiles for the cameras and make speeches, but she's certainly not the Secretary General.

i always figured that Superman was the defacto leader, but given his leadership style is more like King Arthur, he would at least consult Batman and Wonder Woman before coming out with a final decision.
It's an honest question, but I think it has an easy answer...






I think Superman will always be at the core of the team - the "big guns" if you like. Ultimately, I think he's the one that makes the final decision based on the advice of the rest of the League.
Martian Manhunter is the best choice for a leader. He is the wisest member of the team, and his telepathic link to the team allows him to send instructions instantly to the team.

Superman is the soul of the team. And batman the stratigiest.
Aquaman and Martian Manhunter should be the real leaders of the group. Superman and Wonder Woman are the poster children and comand a lot of respect in the group. Batman is more of a consultant waiting in the shadows and being all broody.
I've always thought that Aquaman should be the leader, even though he won't be. He is a King and a General. He leads a huge military force. He has the most leadership experience out of all them.
Superman is the figure-head with Batman pulling the strings behind the curtains.
Superman is more or less what the public envisions when they think of the JL, like the spokesperson. In the animated series, while he, Bats and WW were deemed the three at the forefront, most of the others took on leadership roles when need be, and the big three followed, unless it was just a stupid decision. John Stewart gave orders on what to do at times in the show, and they went along with it. There technically is no "fearless leader", but Superman is viewed as their spokesperson. They all are aware Supes is god-like, but they never view him as higher than they are, which is what they need to touch on.
What does the actor who is playing the character have to do with who is the leader of the team? Superman is the leader of the Justice League, he always has been. Even if Routh or Welling don't play him people will still accept that Superman IS the leader of the Justice League.

The league ranks basically:
1.) Superman
2.) Batman
3.) Wonderwoman
4.) Martian Manhunter
5.) Green Lantern
6.) Aquaman
7.) Flash

Batman, even though he is not a super powered hero still commands the respect of the rest of the league. Flash is the youngest, and his input is valid, but not always rational or listened to. Wonder Woman is up at the top with Supes and Bats. Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter are all about the same spot in terms of where they rank.

The character box office draw won't effect it when talking about characters like Superman and the Justice League. It's not like Cyclops and the X-men, you can't compare that. They won't make Batman the leader as they did with Wolverine in the X-men films because he's a bigger name than Cyclops. Batman isn't that much more bankable than Superman.

It's always been funny how Bats gets to boss the others around sans powers. Tiny Toons touched on that back in the day with the Batduck thing.
I think J'onn and Orin have a lot more say than Bruce or even Clark do in the running of the League. They've been there from the begining and have been in more incarnations of The League than anybody, as well as having more general experience than any other League members.
Funny! I also picture Superman as the leader, but it's always Batman giving orders in the field of battle! He knows everyones strenghs and weekness better than anyone. So maybe Superman is just a figure head! The Tank at the head of the monster that takes the damage, while the rest of the team gets orders and dishes it out on the side?
I'm sick of people saysing that Superman is the figurehead and Batman is the brains. Superman is just as smart as Batman, it's just that his compassion gets in the way.

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