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Keaton-Batman meets Oldman-Gordon fanfic


Jul 8, 2011
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KEATON-BRUCE hears a strange noise coming from the portal in his lab. Suddenly

OLDMAN-GORDON steps out and faces him.

OLDMAN-GORDON - I'm Commissioner James Gordon, from a different universe very

similar to yours. I've come to ask for your help.

KEATON-BRUCE - You look different...and yet I sense you are Jim Gordon. Somehow I know it's you. What can I do for you?

OLDMAN-GORDON - Gotham is overrun with villains. We need your help. I'm asking you to come back with me and clear things up, like you have here.

KEATON-BRUCE - Don't you have your own version of me? Did I die in my mission there?

OLDMAN-GORDON - Well, we have our own version of Bruce Wayne. He's currently

lunching in cafes in europe with Selina Kyle.

KEATON-BRUCE - That can't be right. I've dedicated my life to the protection of Gotham, and even she was devoted to fighting injustice, in her own way. Is he...is he not Batman?

OLDMAN-GORDON - Oh he's Batman..when it suits him. He tends to take long breaks.

KEATON-BRUCE furrows his brow in confusion and despair.

KEATON-BRUCE - So who is looking after Gotham now?

OLDMAN-GORDON - kid called Robin, who our Bruce left in his place. He's a good kid, but I tend to spend most of my time rescuing him when he gets tied up and calls me. His Bruce didn't exactly leave him prepared.

KEATON-BRUCE - I always sensed I was destined to have a partner called Robin one day, but somehow it just never happened.

OLDMAN-GORDON - Well, my Realm's Bruce never stuck around to be his partner.

Bit of a mess really.

KEATON-BRUCE - My Parents...are they alive in your realm?

OLDMAN-GORDON puts a reassuring hand on Bruce's shoulder.

OLDMAN-GORDON - I'm sorry Bruce, they were killed in the mugging, just like

yours were. Except, we caught the guy who did. Just an old thief called Joe
Chill. He was killed by his boss a few years later.

KEATON-BRUCE - in my world, a villain named the Joker told me he was

OLDMAN-GORDON - We have a Joker - he's the most dangerous foe you and I ever faced. But this guy was way too young to have been around then. I think he was messing with you Bruce.

KEATON-BRUCE looks to the distance with intense despair.

KEATON-BRUCE - maybe..if Chill had been caught here..would I be sitting around

in Paris too? Without the thought of catching the guy and killing him - is that
all my devotion to Gotham has been based on? Revenge?

OLDMAN-GORDON pats Bruce on the shoulder -

OLDMAN-GORDON - Hey, our Bruce made a pretty good stab at being Batman. He stopped some of the most dangerous villains in Gotham. He just couldn't stick to it like you could.

KEATON-BRUCE - Then lets go.

OLDMAN-GORDON - one more thing. We need to stop in Schumaker universe one to pick up another Batman.

KEATON-BRUCE - What's in Schumaker universe two..?

OLDMAN-GORDON - You really don't want to know. Come on.


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