Kick-Ass - Anyone picking this up?


Jan 9, 2002
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I'm interested in this title but I will wait and get the trade but I just wanted to see if anyone else plans on picking this up?
I'm getting it. Kind of sounds like the Defenders story that Millar did in The Ultimates.
It's a Millar World title, so I'll definetely be getting it. I just wish he would finish the god damn Unfunnies. I'm also still upset Run was cancled...

Edit: Nevermind, looks like he did finish Unfunnies and I just missed it...thank go for e-bay.
i will if my lcs ordered it. i've been having bad luck lately...
I have no idea what this is gonna be about, but I'll try it just because I need to try something new.
I'm not sure what the premise is... Actually I dont know anything about it except that on the cover to issue 1 it looks like a JrJr drawn Tony Stark getting his face pulped... so yes I'll be checking it out.

In the mean time anyone care to enlighten me?
^I think normal people trying to be superheroes is the basic premise. Looks cool, but I only have enough money for one comic this week :(
I'm on the edge on this one. Sounds fun, but the premise could get old quick, plus, I can't stand JRJr on anything that's not some sort of throwback story.
I'll give it a try. This is Millar's own thing so he won't be butchering a frachise (to be fair, his FF is good so far). I expect to essentially lead to his usual pessimistic, bleak, cynical moral of, "there are no heroes in real life, and anyone who claims to have morality deep down is some sort of thug, jerk, sexist, or otherwise horrible to be around and there are no genuinely good, selfless people on Earth, and those that try only get misery, pain, death, and mockery.". That was, essentially, the moral of WANTED. And to some degree THE ULTIMATES before the sequal was mired in political commentary (more like Extremist Liberal drum-beating).

But, I could be wrong, as his UFF run had little of that and his FF may follow suit. And it has Romita Jr. on art, so it will look lovely and Millar is great at action sequences. I'll be trying it out.
I will absolutely be avoiding this. It didn't sound all that appealing to begin with, plus it's Millar, plus it's gotten some lackluster reviews so far. It's always a shame to miss JR Jr. art, but he'll be doing Hercules covers soon enough, so I can hold out until then. :)
Probably not as that I increasingly just don't enjoy Mark Millar's writing.

And to some degree THE ULTIMATES before the sequal was mired in political commentary (more like Extremist Liberal drum-beating).

But much more like not actually at all like that, in any way, shape, or form, except possibly if you define "extremist liberal" as "anywhere to the left of Rush Limbaugh."
Why does everyone here like JRJr's art???
I don't get it....
ehhh to each their own I guess...
Personally, I find dog poo more appealing to my retinas
It sounds cool and I like Millar and JR Jr. But Wanted sounded cool too, and I only moderately liked it. And it's the only Millarworld book I've read.

I might get the Kick-Ass trade if the reception is good.
Chosen is probably the best MW title that's been put out.

Wanted was crap.

Might wait this one out,the only one I'm interested in is American Jesus.

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