The Dark Knight Lachy Humle vs Jude Law: Who Should Be The Joker?

StorminNorman said:

Indeed, yes. "Excessively refined and fastidious in taste and manner."

i.e., "Metrosexual." :)
I gotta add that word to be vocabulary - Foppish, I like it.
StorminNorman said:
I gotta add that word to be vocabulary - Foppish, I like it.

Happy to oblige. Of course this means that instead of the trendy new word "metrosexual" you can use the original, and much older, word: Fop.
I'd pick Law over Hulme.
Hulme over Weaving.
Bettany over all of them.
Except for Roth.:yellow:
StorminNorman said:

Yes, please. Just sign the guy up and put him in a purple suit and white makeup.

As for Law and Hulme, neither one of them strike me as Jokerish in anyway. Law is sort of an anti - Joker, very friendly and quite harmless. Granted, I haven't seen Road To Perdition, but everyhting I have seen from him, he's played the same friendly British guy. Hulme I've never even seen act.
I hope Bettany is even still in the race!!!! The heck with Law or Weaving, this should be Bettany v.s. Hulme for the role that way we won't lose.
I don't mean to sound like a dick, but the thread is called Lachy Humle vs Jude Law, I didn't see the name Bettany, whom allegedly was never really in the race anyway . . . .

Also, that first manip was of Christopher Ecclesten; here's a manip/drawing of Hulme as Joker:

Oh...please do not inform me that is a CARVED smile on his face. Because if it is, you looking for some serious trouble.
Digital_Ashes said:

Love the art (stylistically, not as a real life example of the Joker), love the Title (as a Batman movie and comic title), dont love the actor :(
This thread is just a bad idea.

Sorry for joining so late. Forgive me if I don't read everything.

Jude Law and Lachy Hulme should in no way be the only actors to consider for the part. That first manip on that first post is actually Christopher Eccleston, my top choice for the role.
I don't care what you interneters say. jIM is perfect for the part. Who cares if he played the riddler? Wtf dos that have to do with his character in begins 2 or 3? If as a true fan you want the absolute best for this franchise, you'll join me in saying CARREY DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rynan said:
Oh...please do not inform me that is a CARVED smile on his face. Because if it is, you looking for some serious trouble.

Why is that bad?

The Joker has been hinted to be a masochist. Why not have him have a carved smile. Why stick to the freakin' comics? Why not add some innovation to the Joker, there doesn't even need to be a backstory. He just is, with a carved smile and a sick sense of humor.

You comic fanboys are too dedicated to the comics. If you want a rehash of the comics, read it. If you want some innovation and something new, give them ideas, propose something.

Joker with a carved smile, instead of a acid scarred smile is much more original, not to mention Harvey Dent gets the acid [actually it was a BASE, not an acid but still.]

I'm just giving some artistic leeway here for expression, stop sticking to the source material so ritualistically. Let your mind open for innovation, and pray to god it's good.

Batman Begins re-wrote his origin for film, why not re-write a few others.
Because a carved smile and an acid smile are both way less cool than just a creepy guy with a naturally big grin.

i.e. Christopher Eccleston.
Plus the fact that you would be taking away the narcissitic properties of the Joker. He thinks he looks good, he wants to look good. He is after all a showman (in his eyes atleast). Cutting up his own face would take this away.
kytrigger, you are the people's hero.
Homestly, some people just don't understand that the Joker is a showman and a narcissist. Here's hoping that Nolan does.
I've seen a lot of Law's work and he's a good actor. But I'm so sure he would be a good Joker. he probably wouldn't be bad in the role though. I've only seen Hulme in that part he had in the Matrix, which I forgot until it was mentioned on these boards awhile ago. He does look the part. So, I really have no opinion about which of them should be The Joker. I'm actually not sure who I want for The Joker.
Digital_Ashes said:
Batman Begins re-wrote his origin for film, why not re-write a few others.

Did Bruce's parents get shot? Yes. Did he travel the world seeking training? Yes. Did he see a Bat which inspired him to become Batman? Yes. I don't see a rewrite, considering there was so little to begin with.

And being dedicated to comics isn't a bad thing. Sticking close to the source material isn't a bad thing. What you want to do extremly change The Joker's character just to suit your idea of what The Joker should be. I don't know how many times in these very forums I've heard trash like this. It's not innovative, it's hackneyed. It's character degredation. Why change a good character just to suit the needs of a few people who have little concept of who The Joker really is?

The fact that you called people "Fanboys" also indicates that you don't know what the hell your talking about.

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