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The Dark Knight Lc6551

Is that the teaser poster?
Where did this come from?
Nice. That's the document that was mentioned in my phone message.

where did u find it?

- Jow
So what's the source? Sorry, but I'm sceptical right now.
Did you notice how the cop in this report is the groom on the marriage licence Maroni witnessed.

And killed with .22? Couldn't be Dent could it?
Ok, now the obvious question... how do you login as a cop?


His anniversary is his password.
Okay, the GVA website was updated to this:

Protecting Victims
The Law requires that victims of crime be protected, but we've had five people call us in the last four weeks complaining that they have been approached by predatory security firms and lenders who clearly knew that their homes had been vandalized during the Fear Toxin riots in The Narrows. One of our clients contracted with the security system that approached her, which promised to provide her with 24 hour security for $12.99, and to install the system for free. It was the classic bait and switch. We reviewed the contract and found that after three months at the monthly security rate would go to more than fifty percent higher than the average security system charges in the city, and that added to that monthly charge would be a $15.99 a month fee to cover the installation costs of her system. The contract is for three years and there is no release clause.

It's apparent that these companies are getting the victim's information. One of our volunteers pretended to interview for a job with one of these companies. She reported that there were Gotham Police documents on the desk of the man who interviewed her. When she asked if the company was working with the police, the man interviewing her winked and said no, but that the Gotham Police's secure internal documents server was an open book. He said the GPD's document security was a joke.

GVAF has scheduled an appointment with Police Commissioner Loeb to discuss the issue of identity security for victims. We have also filed a lawsuit for the GVAF client with the security company.

Which led us to this:


And we simply used Karl Breitup's name to log in and his password was his wedding anniversary, 21485. Then we searched for the document that was mentioned in the random phone call that some people received today. Bingo.
lol so now what?

I'm a leader on news and scoops but I'm a freaking follower when it comes to this crazy shabang.

- Jow
now we have to sit with our thumbs up our ass and wait for something new
lol so now what?

I'm a leader on news and scoops but I'm a freaking follower when it comes to this crazy shabang.

- Jow
Tell me about it. The most I'm doing now is catching up with stuff enough to send it off to the Wiki. :oldrazz:
Yeah I think now, .... we wait. Again.
anyone notice the 1 at the bottom of the page? perhaps there are more documents?
Where did everyone hear about Karl Breitup or his anniversary date btw?

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