Superman Returns "Learning to Fly" - LA Times

Poor brandon. He will get 0 recognition as anything other than superman for the rest of his life.
Good article:up: I think if his acting is good he will get other movie deals. To me it is still funny to see Welling in any other role except Clark Kent but with people like Bale, Jackman or Maguire, I think thier acting ability allows them to do other things.
Just like Bale and Jackman. Its a damn shame...
If Routh is good, all SR will do is open more doors for him as an actor.
Hes already getting more role offers? To action films? And hes turning them down?

Wow... I think the doors to his future career are swinging open. He may possibly be the only Superman actor to pull off a great non-Superman acting career and avoid typecasting....if him and his agents play their cards right.
Wesyeed said:
Poor brandon. He will get 0 recognition as anything other than superman for the rest of his life.

Nah, Dean Cain made it out alive. Brandon needs to use the Stewart technique is all. He broke his JL-Picard stigma by playing Prof. X.

Brandon needs to land another iconic role.

BTW, my deepest aplogies Brandon, I never meant to make you feel bad. It's Singer, he should have let you pawmp-awp. Damn him, damn him to HELL!
He sounds depressed about not being accepted by all fans.
\S/JcDc\S/ said:
He sounds depressed about not being accepted by all fans.

I said I was sorry. Geez, he made me feel terrible with his hurt feelings.

I'll never say a bad thing about Brandon Routh again.:)
I really liked this article. He really is just a normal guy going through this. It was funny it mentioned the MySpace pages. I was showing them to my girlfriend just the other day and explaining to her how some people are crazy enough to do that. And I think maybe he might not have worn shoulder pads.
\S/JcDc\S/ said:
He sounds depressed about not being accepted by all fans.
Well wouldnt you? I mean yeah we all have our opinions but this guy has to actually deal with all this stuff. Yes I know you can make the argument that he knew what he was getting into but I think anyone taking this job would say.."hey I can handle it" but you really dont have any idea until your locked in. While I dont think he will do a bad job....IF he did you really cant fault him for it. That is on the director and casting agent when you have such a young and unproven actor. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. Certainly not comparing the two in terms of acting but Think of perhaps Al Pacino. He was cast in the Godfather and everyone except for the director is saying he is horrible and completly wrong for the part. I can't imagine the stress he or anyone has to deal with as a young actor. Brandon is a fan and just think about that. I'm sure he even had his own ideas about his look and acting but he has to trust that Singer knows what he is doing. Hell he could have put that costume on the first time and thought "I look ridiculous! This is a bad idea" Yet he has everyone around him stroking his ego. At some point you have to trust the opinion of others inside the loop and not us the fans. You have to do that...but there in lies the problem. Do you trust the ones your working with or the outsiders who only see some pictures and hear rumored stories.
I think its cool that Routh like any other Fan of Smallville likes
Welling on the Show & that all he is asking is to be given a chance just like the Smallville Fans gave Smallville & Tom Welling a chance & I agree & think he should be given that very same chance.
the thing with Jackman and Bale is they've done other roles prior to this. Being Superman will be Brandon's breakout gig, that's going to be a tough skin to shed
Connery shed the Bond image, even if it took him a decade to do so. I wouldn't feel too sorry for this guy. He stands to make a bundle of cash, has a gorgeous girlfriend, is on the top of the world right now. I think I could handle a little of that anyday. Beats working the cash register in Burger King or WalMart. If he's a good actor he won't have a problem. Besides, there are a lot worse things than portraying a hero to millions of kids.

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