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Sep 27, 2003
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This is probably something that doesn't matter to most but, I've been thinking about it a lot recently. It mainly stems from the pondering of how much screen time is Ghost Rider actually gonna use. I mean, most of the flick is gonna be the telling of Blaze's story right?

Do you think they'll need a movie as long as Hulk to tell this story? Or will they make it shorter? Will they make too short?

Concerns... thoughts?
I prefer 3hrs or more myself but that is unlikely so I voted 145-2. If its longer than that It'll have to be a really rivating story that your average person can really get into or they'll be bored to death and ancy to get out of theatre.
I went with between 2 and 2:15. Anything longer than that will turn into the lengthy mess that Hulk was. Anything shorter will not please me. I want lots of movie... but lots of good movie.
went with 1:30 - 1:45 ...not including credits of course.
im thinking 1:45 would work just fine....thats the typical length of action flicks nowadays...
but hey if they can get more action in there and end up w/ a 2hr+ movie im all for it
I've been waiting too long for this movie to happen for it to be less than 2 hrs.. ya know what I mean? As long as they do it right of course.
The longer the better, make it an epic!
i went with 2:15-2:30 just 'cause...
2 hr. and 10 min. I don't think it will be cut shor this time because of the money going into it and a different company putting it out.
I think MSJ realized the shortness of Daredevil was one of its downfalls IMO. He needs to make it at least as long as the DD Director's Cut which is at least 2 hours and 13 minutes. :)
2hrs 15 min to 2 1/2 hours

Long enough for origin and setup, still leaves time for lots of action!

I'm hoping that the amount of action will push the movie's length past 2 hours... at least.
I hope GR is longer than 2 hours because by the way the story sounds, it will probably be that long. GR has the potental to keep the audiences atttention for that long.
They should make it about 2hrs at least. Anything shorter than that is not good. Just look at X-Men, that should have been longer.
X-men was ruined by not having the time to develope it... as most people know. Ghost Rider is gonna have a whole year of post which'll do nothing but help. Whether or not this helps create a movie over 2 hours or not is up in the air.
And another bump now that we know more details of the movie.

I really hope this movie is at least 2 hours. There is too much too happen for it not to be.
Well, the fanatic in me hope 2h 30 mins ....but i think it will be 2h.. max 2h 15mins
InVictus said:
Well, the fanatic in me hope 2h 30 mins ....but i think it will be 2h.. max 2h 15mins
Yeah, i think this way too.
I think most people are thinking that way...

I mean, I'd love to have Lord of the Rings length movie... but, that's just dreamin'.

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