Making the perfect Spidey suit

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Oct 2, 2000
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Hey guys!
Where the hell did my topic go????

Anyone who was interested please reply again.

I had a spare couple of hours ,so I had a play at making the movie mask(well half a mask really),well just a test with raised webbing.Although it was far from perfect(hell,what do you expect for two hours),I now know how to do it if need be.Of course to duplicate the movie suit would very...difficult.As the paragraph (from someone at Sony)below shows;

"Lastly, I may as well offer impressions of the suit (having made it my duty to sidle up as close to the two stunt Spideys as often as possible). It rocks. It's two-layered, with a very thin, sculpted muscle suit (a la Batman) underneath the Spidey suit. The colors are muted a bit, but come to life under the lights. The webbing is a masterstroke. Having it raised off the costume lets it become visible in deep shadow as light catches it. And the mask is a three(!)-layered deal, closer to a helmet (though it looks comic-perfect on the outside). A tight ski-mask, then a plastic face-plate that gives the mask its signature shape, then the mask on top. The eye-pieces pop in and stand out from the mask slightly. At this point they're tinted just like sunglasses, but do smear whitish when reflecting light. I'm sorry, guys, but this is as accurate as anybody could ever get. It's perfect. These stunt guys are walking around looking like action figures "

Difficult...but not impossible.

Have a look at my TESTS(just 2 hours worth of test remember)

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Hey guys,
Why dont all us who are interested in Spidey costumes have a meeting on "Spiderman Hype!Chat".
Well, I'm the first to reply to your new post, will I be the first to get a costume?

Your post was lost when the Hype!'s server went kablooey or something.

I'm still definitely interested in a costume, Mick. I was going to get one from Kerezman, but I'll go with you, if you can do what I'd like and if I can afford it.

I went to chat, but it was 10:20 CST. Sorry heheheh

E-mail me sometime, Mick. I'd like to ask a few more questions about the costume and about where you are. A friend of mine lives in England, maybe you know him.

The mask looks good. Looks like you're well on your way to matching the movie costume. Good color match also.
I'm interested in a costume !!!

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I mean lets arrange a time and a date to "chat"
Originally posted by mick:
I mean lets arrange a time and a date to "chat"

How about Saturday Night? I'm married with kids, I'm not going anywhere....

Iam still interested in the coustume9As long as the price is affordable), but as for the chat, Im not sure weather I'll make it or not. But we'll see
Im intrested also Mick. The work looks like your off to a great start. Is there any way the mask could be zippersd in the back, yet still be attached to the costume in the front. That way the suit retains a clean one piece look, and you can still grab a bite to eat, or drink.
Name a time and day, I'll be there if at all possible.

Also, as to the mask, I know it's impossible as the weblines won't match up, but I wish it could either be attached at the back and just pull over and tuck in or something, or seperate, that way you can pull the whole pull the mask over the bridge of the nose for a kiss, drink, or food.
How do I get into the chat?? It kicks me out!
Still interested in the costume, Mick ol' chap (always wanted to say that!).

Hope to see you swinging around!
Su amigo de siempre,
El sorprendente
What kind of eyes are you looking at putting in it?I mean shape.Classic,Mcfarlane,Movie,t.v.,Electric company ?
Hey Mick,

Cohen Phillips Here....Remeber Me....I'm The One That Email You About Your Costume And Told You That I Love To Have One And Use It In My New Spidy Movie I Am Making!

Just Wanted To See If You Still Had Me Down For A Suit! All Looks Good So Far, Keep It Up!

Till Next Time,

I hope for a costume too. Even though I'm still getting myself in shape, It will be cool to make a dream. The dream of being in shape and having a Spidey costume to slip into. Please mick dont rush yourself. I'm very pleased in what your doing with you rendition of Spidey's costume. I'm still in if your still making costume for us Spidey fans. Also good rendition of the movie mask

Email me at [email protected] and just let me know how things are going
Hey Guys,
Unfortunately for me week-ends are not good to have our "chat".

Also I would just like to add Spiderman-Yetter is a very good costume maker himself and has made an excellent black/Alien Spidey suit.I could add some images of his suit to my pages if he gives guys wanna see it,right?

Hey Mick,

Sure I Love To See What Spiderman-Yetter
Suit(s) Look Like!

Hey Mick! everything looks good so far, I really hope you decide to go with the "McFarlane" eyes for the costume...those were always the best, gave it that "bug" feel to it. Are you planning on having the classic spider logo on the back of the suit, or will there be a zipper there in it's place? Can you please give me details on what the pieces for the suit will be? IE: what will be detachable (if any)...Obviously the mask will be (I think), but can you give me other details? thanks-
i am go to make my own costume and mine i will have the mask completely removable and it will be in a pants/shirt thing like spidey has it when he goes to his belt to get fulid cartiges because i am making my own spidey belt too


I also wonder about SpiderManYetter's work is like as well. If He is doing the costume work or mick is I just want to know what it is going to cost to get the suit. I've got to start getting money saved up for one. And I want either guy to take ther time with it, I would hate to see their work get screwed up by rushing. SpiderManYetter let me know how your doing, my email is [email protected]
Spiderman-Yetter doesnt produce costumes.He just made one for himself.He seems to be away at the moment.Darn nice costume though.

Mick, you mentioned about making the costumes in two sizes medium and large i think..How tall are you, and what size do you consider the TEST suit to be in the link above?

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