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Apr 28, 2000
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(Print them out if you need to for future reference)

Welcome to the SuperHeroHYPE Fan Art Contest!

PAST THEIR PRIME - What if your favorite hero (or villain) found him/her self past their prime? - Too old to strap on the cape & utility-belt? Maybe they should have retired years ago? Or maybe its a character that is just plain out of place in today's world... - This could be a lot of fun, just let your imagination go wild! - Feel free to take it further... what if they had 'offspring'
(*)If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send EXCELSIOR a PM!

One entry per artist. Try and be as ORIGINAL as possible, do it in pencil, crayon, markers, action figures, Photoshop whatever medium you are comfortable with. Using art/photo reference is okay, I just don't want to see anyone directly COPY an existing piece of ARTWORK... PHOTO-MANIPS are allowed this month! Your entry should be posted HERE in this thread. Using artwork created by someone else and claiming it as your own will not be allowed - and that entry will be disqualified. Originality is always key!
(*)If you are banned at the close of the contest your entry will be disqualified!

And please keep the comments and critiques as FAIR as possible. Remember by posting your entry you are open to critique!

Take your time and show 'em your best work, try to avoid posting works-in-progress. (Any duplicate entries may be deleted without notice from the thread). You may want to check the thread occasionally to see that your entry is still posted, any entries not showing at the close of the contest may be disqualified. Also if you choose to 'team-up' with another artist then you must clearly state both names with the entry and who did what.

All entries should be posted here in this thread.
You will need to host your own image and 'hotlink' the image URL to this thread.
Entries must be visible in this thread - posting a text link only your entry can be missed!
SHH has a gallery HERE if you need FREE hosting space (for contest entries only please)
I will assemble the entries as they come in and post them in the SHH Fan Art Gallery.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send EXCELSIOR a PM!

March 27, 2008 - (contest closes midnight PST on the 27th)
Winner will be chosen by the artists in FAN ART - via a special voting gallery!
Winner also gets a bump in avatar size! - WHOOT!

So there is your assignment if you chose to take it... You should post your artwork here in this thread!
ONLY IMAGES CREATED BY YOU AND POSTED ONLY IN THIS THREAD ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE CONTEST. By entering the contest you are agreeing that the artwork submitted is original and created by you the artist, and original to this contest and by posting an image you are open to critique!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send EXCELSIOR a PM!
I should gross everyone out and do Dick Grayson in the old school Robin outfit
Hopefully I get something done this time. :p
oh I've got a great idea I've been developing in my head... funny funny... LOVE this idea!
I want to enter. Only one entry per person? Man, I got three ideas, and I can't choose which one I wan to use :(
bell110 see if you can combine all three into one super GRAND idea!
Good idea, I'll try. But they really have nothing to tie them together. And I'm sure I'll think of MORE as the days go by :(
Ms. Marvel after 20 years of drinking and letting herself go:

I haven't submitted anything in about a year, so I promised myself I'd make something for this month's contest.

An aged Swamp Thing came to mind:

man... swamps makes an appearance two months in a row (in ref to phig's piece last month).

nice entry, johnny dc!
man... I'm LOVING this theme. Im taking the REALLY REALLY old approach and its just so fun to do.

If you haven't started and haven't decided to enter, doodle old people for about 5 mins and I'm pretty sure you'll talk yourself into taking part.

So fun! Cheers to person who came up with it!
Well I've got my idea drawn and inked. I keep going back and forth between loving it and being kind of "menh" in regards to it, so we'll see if I stick with it. Sadly my scanner at school needs to be reinstalled and so I'll have to wait until I have the software to colour it. Hopefully I can work out how to best colour this thing with the cheap photoshop knockoff I own.
love it... im thinking there are two ways to go about this... old or fat. You nailed one of them!

Thanks. She's actually old too (gray hairs and missing teeth), but that's not as obvious as the... er... camel toe.

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