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Marvel Legends, Selects, Universe- Thread

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most actually think Stan got both Grog and Foom confused (they're nearly identical) and most likely swapped between the two names and colors, forgetting who is who (which he admits he had trouble with keeping the names of characters straight back in the day)
I'll give ya the last one, but the first two are just mis-colorings of Foom from his first appearance, lol...happened a lot back in the 60's. :woot:
doesn't mean there shouldn't be a figure of him in orange for the kirby fans.
I've personally got no interest in that Foom, but I can see where some collectors could appreciate the callback to that version from the comics.
I'm a completist and many collectors are using him for grog. Plus he's electronic... So he's very tempting. But I may wait to see if he goes in sale like the sentinel
Found the elusive Big Time Spidey...love it.

Bought it at Disney Store of all places ;)
I've been seeing him around...next time I see one if i have the cash i'll pick 'em up.
Im looking for a marvel legends iron man series 1 stand. I have the figure but no stand, was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere i could get one at all please???
I want one, just to complete my movie Avengers.

Can't wait for Hawkeye as well.
Just got the Marvel Universe 'Legends' Future Foundation Spidey this week...awesome figure and the paint lines are very clean.

I gave my Big Time Spidey to my G.F., so I can't take a pic of it now.


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I didn't realize there was a thread. This toy line is great and I've been collecting the movie version Avengers. So far i have CA , Thor , and Hulk ( who just arrived yesterday)


I hope they are releasing an Iron Man and Widow soon.
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