Mass Effect? More Like...


Jun 28, 2002
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Everyone is jumping on the Mass Effect is a porn game bangwagon all of a´s ridiculous.
"The most realistic sex acts ever concieved"? WTF, has he ever had sex?
yeah, I dont say this about many things, but even GTAs Hot Coffee mod was more realistic than Mass Effects.
i haven't played the game but i want to buy it... so basically i have no idea what the hell hes talking about.
Wow are we sure this isn't some joke or article from the Onion or something? Because that is exactly how it reads.
With it's "over the net" capabilities virtual orgasmic rape is just the push of a button away.

I must have missed this part, do you get an achievement?
I really hope that this doesn't dissuade Bioware from inculding love scenes in Mass Effect 2. If anything they could stand to go farther with the scenes. I am a grown man yet I have to have all these jarring camera cuts in my game so the can try their best to not show a boob in an M rated game?! Come on, you can see more skin than that on basic cable. My gaming experience should not be compromised for an audience that the game is not intended to be played by.
I still love "most realistic sex acts ever concieved"... you can turn on ABC nowadays and see more realistic sex acts than anything in the game...and saying you can sodomize your "victims" however you want...

It's like saying Fable 2 is going to promote beastiality because you have a dog that's your best friend in's just blowing things so out of proportion that it in fact blows my mind as well...I havent seen anything this out of touch since the RE5=Racist! arguments from a while back.
Let's not forget that Bioshock trains us to murder children.
I haven't played the game yet but this guy sounds like a idiot.
Don't you all get it? He was playing the un-released version.

In all fairness, I found it on the 1up boards. :p
At least you gave credit where credit is due. Still good though.

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