Mirror's Edge Catalyst

I got it and I absolutely love it. Everything is so shiny. It's like Hong Kong or Singapore futurism and all the men are super cute plus the gameplay is so much fun and I'm enjoying learning more about Faith
so you bought for your self and saw if you liked it. and you do like it.
good you did your self a favor like vic from EPN.tv said. there's still alot to like in the game. it's true alot more could have been done inthis game but you can feel the work that was put into to this. and some times that's good enough even if they didn't get to do everything they wanted to do.
What little I played so far of it basically boils down to, if you enjoyed the gameplay of the first game, you'll enjoy this well enough. There's a little difference, but for the most part the same. All of the stuff around it is slightly altered with the open world stuff and quests and RPG stuff, but the same basic gameplay is there, minus the gun stuff, which was horrible in the first one anyway
I played this a bit yesterday and today and I think I'm 10% complete. But I don't think I'm finishing. The graphics look great. The environment looks a bit too white for me. You can't walk in the streets but the game is still pretty. However, first person and the constant trial and error of jumping and jumping again are giving motion sickness and slight headache. I feel throwing up and I wish this was a third person game. I would love to explore especially this is an open world game but first person perspective just ruins it for me.
That’s a shame, personally I loved the style but I think that criticism is fair
That’s a shame, personally I loved the style but I think that criticism is fair
I like the look, its very clean but I think since jumping again and again is a big part of the game, it should have been a 3rd person game, it would be easier in the eyes well at least to me. Like i can't imagine enjoying an Uncharted / Assassin's Creed game if it was 1st person and I have to do parkour for every mission. And like I said, motion sickness, if it was just a fps and no jumping, i would be fine but this has too many jumping and the game isn't easy as well forme to do a quick run.

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