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Movies you liked better 2nd+ time around


Feb 16, 2004
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Ever see something in the theater that disappointed you, but you liked it better on DVD, TV etc? I've seen several that that didn't meet my expectations, but when I saw them again, I enjoyed them more.

Maybe it's because I don't always watch in one sitting like in theaters, or because I know what to expect. Here's a couple I didn't like at first but now think are at least fairly fun to watch.


Tomb Raider

Dumb and Dumber


Wonder Boys (why isn't this on DVD anymore?)

Death to Smoochy
I hated The Matrix (first one) when I saw it in the theatre. I thought it was an over rated piece of garbage.

I have since completely changed my mind.
Chronicles of Riddick. I hated it in the theater...but the more I've watched it the more I like it.
X men. Hated it the first time. or at least felt a little cheated. I now love it.
definitely Land of the Dead.

If you're a Romero-Freak who was disappointed, I suggest you buy it and watch it again. Now it's one of my favorites.
One reason it felt off in the theater is that it seemed like an 80's movie, which I percieved as the short-comings of an out-of-touch old George Romero.
Now that's why I love it.
Serenity. I thought it was a decent sci-fi flick, but nothing special the first time around. Then I watched Firefly, the series it's based on, on DVD, since then Serenity is one of my favorite films.
Batman Begins (thought it was ok first time)
Ocean's 12
KIll Bill 2
V for Vendetta
Scary Movie 1. Couldn't laugh for even a second when I watched it the first time in theaters.

A year later when It aired on TV suddely I thought it was funny.
Anchorman and Zoolander.

Conversley, I loved Van Helsing at the cinema, bought it on DVD and realised how much it sucked.
daredevil (although it was the director's cut) and the hulk are the real growers that stick out.

saying this, T2 gets better with every viewing, so do thomas crown affair, the big lebowski and meet joe black.

top gun is just always on top no matter what
The first time I didn't like Goodfellas that much (I'm not kidding)
Hey, is there a thread for movies you thought were worse the second time? Because I know the answer to that question.
i didnt like the matrix 2 and 3, becasue i didnt understand what they wree talking about, then when i watched it again i completely changed my mind, I love the movies now and understand how smart it actually is once you understand everything,

I also liked ET better the second time i saw it
Batman Begins
Aliens (at first I didnt think there was enough action)
Predator 2 (liked it after I realized it was not as good as the first)

X2 (didnt like it as much second time I saw it)
The first time I saw The 40 Year Old Virgin it was such a depressing movie. Now I watch it like once a week.
Batman Begins.

I saw it first day, and was like wow good movie.

Then I saw it the second time, and....why can't all comicbook movies be that good?? :(

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