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MPAA Rating (Note: Officially PG-13)


Sep 11, 2004
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Will this be R, because I am interested in seeing it, and can't if it is R
I think it might turn out to be like Daredevil maybe. PG-13 theatrical release and R Director's Cut.
And that would satisfy me very nicely.

I was never one to care about the rating of the film before it came out... until the production of this movie. It was very heavily debated on the boards... and I can understand why. Ghost Rider is an image that has to be made right. Most people believe that image can only be made right with an R rating. I don't know if I agree with that, or not. I do agree that our boy is pretty violent... and the violence is part of his image.

I think what's going to help make this a PG 13 is the fact that Ghost Rider doesn't kill... or more than likely wont in this film. He'll inflict his Penance stare on his enemies... immobilizing them with the pain of thier own sins... not kill. No kill means no R, doesn't it?

I don't know. I think I'll just go back to not caring about the rating and just watch the freakin' thing.
I hope its rated R because I don't think parents want to take their kids, thinking it's a movie for the kids.
I hope it is rated R. But it will more than likely be PG-13.

That's alright though.
TreNt said:
I hope its rated R because I don't think parents want to take their kids, thinking it's a movie for the kids.

Parents wouldn't likely take a kid to a movie like this anyway. The subject matter is not family oriented, no matter the rating.
mark stephen johnson said he was going for a pg-13 release. he said he was gonna be clever about getting away with it as opposed to an r
You dont really have to be clever really. You just can't have nudity, obsesssive swearing and the brutal killing of humans w/ blood and gore. Notice I say humans. With demons or other out of world beings can be bludgeoned to death without an R rating.
Giving that Constantine got an R, I have a feeling this will too.
TheDarkRevenger said:
Giving that Constantine got an R, I have a feeling this will too.

they've already stated it was going to be PG13. if the MPAA finds something objectionable they will cut it in order to get that rating.
if that happens and if the movie is successful expect a directors cut later on
Hellboy got PG-13, so, it just depends upon how they approach the film.
Well Australia has an M15+ which is 'recommended' for people aged fifteen and over, and then there is the MA15+ which is 'restricted' to people fifteen and over (and yes, by law you are supposed to produce ID to show you are over fifteen if questioned when purchasing the ticket), so there is a little more flexibility there for us.

It'll probably be PG-13. Although I definately wouldn't have mind an R rating.
I think because of Constatine Marvel wont be to afraid of making it are. Constatine is making a good deal of money. I think it should be R because then they don't have to cut it down so much and make it a dumb movie.
I think GR has to be rated R because it would disappoint alot of people if, it wasn't.
I'm not really gonna worry about the rating personally... but I did pick PG-13 in this poll. I figure it's just as well to support the decision that has already been made.
I think it shoould be rated R because I personally don't think most children should see it. It would be hard trying to explain GR doing good with something evil.
Think of how much stuff they cut out of DD to be PG-13? I mean the Director's Cut was almost a rated PG-13, from what I saw. I didn't think that it should have been R! But that is my view. I hope Ghost Rider can be PG-13 and have everything in it, but it's so much darker then DD and DD was edited bad because of the PG-13 thing. So I hope someone has learned a lesson!
I think people are getting too caught up on the rating really. There isn't htat much difference in the two. I mean, if they don't swear, have vivid sex scenes or human gore then it's wont be R. I don't know about most but I don't need the f bomb 80 times like Blade Trinity, Ghost Rider doesn't have a penis do have vivid sex with and brutality doesn't need gore... it just needs pain.

Plus, they aren't targeting the same crowd as Spider-Man did. Kids are not going to go to this movie, no matter what the rating.
AmerikazMostWanted said:
ghost rider has no penis? poor guy :(

Why do you think the dude is so pissed off all the time? heh
Yeah, it's sad that he has no penis to vent his frustrations with... especially when all the ladies find him so hot. Ha.

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