My blood relative the superhero(cousin, uncle, brother, aunt , sister et al)


Mar 17, 2006
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This post was inspired by the episode of sitcom "Just Shoot Me" I saw today when the office doofus reveals that he is related to an A-List Hollywood star ( Ray Liotta of "Goodfellas" fame if you must know).

There is one thing that I've always been curious about Marvel heroes/heroines( even if they are only children- Peter Parker, Steve Rogers, Janet Van Dyne, Anthony Stark- surely they must have relatives- uncles, aunts, cousins et al some where).

I think I have the answer to this question- given that heroes have so many enemies- not just super villains but ordinary criminals that they've helped send to jail, their relatives keep a sensibly low profile to avoid attracting attention from their vengeful foes( although it's hard to imagine say Dr Doom attacking the relatives or in-laws of the FF- it's just not his style!)and just try to get on with their own lives(just as relatives of celebrities or important politicians do)

Still, it would be a hoot to know that your cousin/nephew/niece/aunt/uncle is a "super hero/heroine"( assuming he or she has "outed" himself/herself as Spider-Man or the original Captain America did)!

probably not...and it also depends if one is a mutant or not.

If i were a superhero, i wouldn't want any of my family to know. Not only just because it would protect them but it would also protect me too.

There no length to the amouht of people who would sell any of your stories to the press and potentially ruin your image.

more often than not, this information comes at some sort of cost and it isn't one i would be willing to pay.

Ignorance is indeed the greatest of all blisses...
by all mean for me ,my worst ennemy in real life is my own cousin (he stole my girlfriends)

it can happen in comic book

an a old comic tony stark have a cousin how was a vilain but i dont remember is name

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