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My Display Room...PIC HEAVY!!


Mar 31, 2004
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Its been awhile since Ive had pics of my collection up, so I decided to take some updated ones. I dont display everything anymore, I just don't have the space, and I hat things being cluttered. This current display set up represents about 70% of my collection. The rest of my toys and collectables are stored in totes in another part of the basement. My comics are, of course, in comic boxes, also in another part of the basement. So without further ado.........






Shadow i always love looking at your collection.

It's beautiful.
Absolutely fantastic collection, sir. In fact, it's the best collection I've ever seen. And not just of Batman, of anything.

How do you get the store display stuff?
You're the luckiest Bat fan I know.

Amazing collection :up:
I'm... speechless. What a stunning collection! One could look at the items forever, I seriously can't decide which piece I like best.

There's so much to look at. How long did it take you to collect all this? Which are your fave items, which were the hardest to get, which took you the longest to get? I haven't seen your collection before so I'm curious.

Thanks. :yay: I know I'll come back to look at your thread often.
Ive acquired the store display stuff either by other collectors, ebay, or my own means.

I started collecting back in 89, I was 16. I cant really say what my favorite piece is, each one has some kind of sentimental value to it in one way or another. The one thing that took the longest for me to get was my Detective 168. I hunted years for that book, so it was also the hardest.

I have some room that I wasnt expecting, so there are a couple things Im going to add here in the next day or two.
Wow. Just ... wow.

That is likely to be the best Batman collection in the world.
Awesome collection.

That Scarecrow mask is awesome, I've never seen that before.
Thank you.

That is actually the licensed Begins Scarecrow mask, I just added a Harry Potter sorting hat to it. The hat makes all the diference.
Wow, thats awesome. Great Idea with that :up:
man, where did you get the Joker's bang gun from b89 and how much was it?
That is an incredible collection :wow: Is that you're actual room? Or do you have a seperate one for the collection?
I made the BANG gun myself.

Thats a section of my basement that I converted into my display area.
You scare me. I'm having 40 Year Old Virgin flashbacks.

Just kiddin' man.

Great collection. I wish I had as much stuff for the Fantastic Four.

:thing: :doom: :thing:
I hate you.:cmad:

By hate you I mean I'm jealous of you.:o

By jealous of you I mean I hate that you have action figures I've never been able to find anywhere.:csad:

Great collection though. I think I've seen you're custom figures online somewhere.:yay::up:
Always a great joy to see your collection on here SHADOWBAT69, I wish to someday have the same amount, but I my friend am in dream world.
i think i said this in the other thread you have....but it needs repeating...

...i love and envy you..
Holy cluttered walls, Batman!

That is fairly impressive. I have a fairly simple collection of 12" figures from various superhero movies... basically one figure for each character.
Nothing nearly as awe-inspiring.

I think you have all the ones I do hidden somewhere in there, too. As far as Batman goes, anyway:

I also have a 12" Batman Beyond on order, which I think is the same one that's left of your statue of him on the lower shelf.
On top of this, it's mostly Marvel stuff you'd find on the shelves when the movie comes out. Just a keepsake, nothing maddening like this. I'm intending to get myself one of the Heath Ledger Joker's too, whichever suits my collection most.

Good show. Got any recommendations for not-too-expensive-yet-looks-great Batgirl figure?
Actually, yeah. That Robin you have on top of your radio has a campanion piece of both Batman and Batgirl. The Batgils is one of my favorites. Ill get a closer pic of it for you later.

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