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My life is falling apart!!

wtf? Didn't you just post that in the other thread? :huh:
Will anyone ever kill those two?

Find out on the next, "Name Calling for weird people" :p
Wilhelmet 799 said:
Will Space Moose finally deliver Ronny from his hideous virginity?!?
It's not hideous. It's the only thing keeping me sane.
Tony Montana said:
No that is Holly's job she is the virgin breaker.

I don't think Toven would touch a virgin honestly. That'd be Dog Lips. :o
Erzengel said:
I don't think Toven would touch a virgin honestly. That'd be Dog Lips. :o
To me virgins are like milk. Fresh at first, but leave it too long...
JokerNick said:
Okay, I am currently engaged, as many of you know… I love my girl to death, she is everything to me, she is probably the only reason I am alive and well today (whole other story)…… this last Friday was almost the end of me… I was getting mad, because she just finished up with school (took summer classes to finish early), and she stayed out this past Thursday after work, to just hang with some co-workers (play darts), I was mad because she never told me where she was (we live together BTW), well she got home around midnight, which is really late for her, she told me where she was, but I was still mad….

I stopped skimming here. She's cheating on you man end the relationship now.
Wilhelm-Scream said:

Now sit on your thumb and spin around.
My doctor told me not to spin around, since I might throw up and give someone AIDS...

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