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Sequels X4 LIVES!!!(B.O. pending)


Mar 18, 2006
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so now that we have about 5 or so reports from various crew/actors that X4 (Mckellen, Stewart, Donner) is no longer out of the picture, and now looks like we have the fact that selling out is deseased in hollywood to thank for it....by all indications my guess would be is if it makes at least as much as X2 made (i think 215) that we will be getting a 4th installment

these questions have been speculated on for ever, who should be in it, bad guys, story, ressurections, etc. for X4

but a couple different kind of questions

1. do you think with a new look and role for storm halley berry will stay with the franchise, considering her status as A list has dwindled severly and this is her most famous role...now has head mistress of the school i think she might consider coming back...now i don't think she is irriplaceable, but i am strongly against recasting(unless they take a long time off like the bonds do, or batman begins) i like to keep the faces the same

2. i think jackmen meckellen and stewart they will have no problem keeping, grammer is under contract, i have little doubts that shawn ashmore will ditich his most popular role(and far and away the coolest) for the teen movies he would other wise do, dido with kitty pryde

so the question is i wonder who wouldn't come back, i think rogue is done, i think they have had enough of her in 3 movies for such a dull character, and she reportedly takes the cure in this one, i think shes out

cyclops and jean are obvious, but...i think this sets up perfectly a sinister story line involving the not quite dead bodies of scott and jean, and the perfect mutant to defeat apacolypse(forshadowing coming to fruition in X5)

yeah, who don't you think is coming back? cyclops? rogue? xavier? jean? i think are the 4 most likely not to return

3. do you think any roles will get bigger that aren't in X3?

like i think Iceman and Angel are the two big ones, they both look like they are going to be major players in future films...Colossus maybe? hopefully(and finally) Cyclops? Nightcrawlers return?

4. the obvious question that has been asked so many times before i'll do it in hopes that this becomes the main speculation thread(if not whatever)...

what new mutants do you want in the movie?

obviously gambit, bishop, sinister, are three of my favorites that i would like to see

I think with Rogue out of the picture, it really kills a good dynamic for gambit that could have been played out on the bigscreen. Like Gambit is a rebel kid at the school, and after Rogue gets rejected by Bobby, she starts to follow and fall for this rebel guy.

Point being, I dont think Gambit is going to happen.

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