Namor casting threads (mergedx4) Don't make anymore


Jan 14, 2005
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Just look at him



Now if we could only get Marty to direct
Personally, I prefer the older version of Namor.
its from the newest namor comic that lasted a lil whil but its now cancelled
Batman1939 said:
worst choice ever

I find it insane that if anyone on these boards has an opinion that someone doesnt like they get ripped for it. I think thats BS, if you dont like it then keep it to your self .

Like my mom use to say if you dont have anything nice to say

SHUT THE ***** UP.
Is this confirmed or is this just who you want to be Namor?
i've seen many of his movies and i can say that this guy can't act.
No it's just my choice. He can act good enough. Why does every character have to be portrayed by a Harvard Graduate. It get's boring. :unishr:
I've said this before but nobody seems to notice so I'm making a thread about it. Donnie Yen should play Namor. He looks the part and is a good actor. He is also a martial artist, which can only help the movie. His credits include Iron Monkey, Blade II, and Hero.

**** yeah.

I don't know much about Namor, but anything with Yen will kick ass. Don't let his Blade 2 performace fool you. He's one of the best there is.
Yen is definitely incredible. If you haven't seen either Iron Monkey or Hero, go rent it or better yet, buy it. Once you get past the whole concept of subtitles (and you can set it for English also), you will be amazed at this guy's skills. He's definitely one of, if not the best. Namor would be a good role for him. I really believe either he or Jason Scott Lee would be a strong and viable candidate for the role.

The only downside I can find with either Yen or Lee is that they are getting old. It doesn't bother me, but it could work against them. Yen is 42 and Lee is 38.
He's alright but the studio won't like that he's 42 though. Dwayne Johnson (aka the Rock) is still my number 1 pick.

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