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Oct 8, 2000
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From Cinemablend:-

With Katie Holmes out, The Dark Knight casting rumors are flapping around at a torrid pace. I’m afraid we’re going to have to be responsible for starting this particular one.

Obviously Chris Nolan is actively looking for someone to take over Katie Holmes’ Rachel Dawes character in the new Batman film. Earlier this week rumor had it that they were considering Rachel McAdams for the part, but according to one of our regular scoopers, they may end up going with Devil Wears Prada star Emily Blunt. Word is that the folks behind the Batman Begins sequel are impressed with her, and may bring Blunt in to read for the role.

Our same anonymous source insists that Katie didn’t leave the project, but was dropped. Anything you’ve heard otherwise is just PR spin to save face. Of course, anyone with half a brain could have figured that out. You don’t intentionally ditch a recurring role in Batman to star in a crappy romantic comedy with Queen Latifah. Nobody, not even Katie Holmes, is that stupid.

I like the idea of Emily Blunt as Rachel Dawes a lot better than Rachel McAdams. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer McAdams as an actress, but somehow she just doesn’t seem like she belongs in the smudged brown world of the caped crusader.

For now though, just pencil this in as a wild rumor. My source is one that’s been right before, yet even if this is true it only means that Emily Blunt is being considered for the part of Rachel Dawes. It doesn’t mean she has it. Sit back and wait for Nolan to make up his mind.


Facts about Emily Blunt:-

(1)Five years younger than KH, but still looks more mature.

(2)Rising star who is affordable AND proven her acting worth (Devil Wears Prada).

(3)Looks more like KH/Rachel Dawes than Rachel McAdams does.

(4)She's a british actress, which Nolan MAY prefer (if you look at BB).

Of the two rumoured actresses to take over from KH, I think Blunt would be more likely.

In terms of McAdam's casting, from Latino Review:-

This is a script review by Latino Review called KILLING PABLO, but the beginning of the article addresses the Katie Holmes rumors.

Hey everybody! El Mayimbe, here wrapping up Los Mes De Los Reyes.

Before I begin, I want to address something.

I love how the trades say that Katie Holmes “dropped out” of The Dark Knight. Let’s keep it real folks. We all know she was kicked to the curb!

In terms of who is replacing Katie, I feel all the net rumors with Rachel McAdams is just fanboy speculation. Keep in mind folks that Rachel McAdams is the current Hollywood “it” girl at the top of everyone’s list. She gets offered everything under the sun.

I asked some of my contacts if there is any truth to the McAdams/TDK rumor and they told me it was just that, a rumor.

So IF Rachel IS in TDK, she's going to play a bigger role than people think - NOT a 10 minute cameo.
I like Emily. She's a good actress and very beautiful.

Emily Blunt is an awesome choice! I love Rachel Mcadams but Emily is the more low key choice who will surprise us. She was great in Prada and sexy as hell is My Summer of Love where she played a girl who liked the ladies. Blunt's the better choice. Let Bluntman Begin!
I hope it turns out true that Katie was dropped. If the recast is voluntary on Nolan's behalf all the crisis management specialists on Hype will have to stop hyperventilating and eat some delicious crow.

Blunt? Who's that? I dunno. Cool!
Blunt is cool, but I would still love to see McAdams cast as something! Maybe Blunt is Dawes and McAdams is Harley!
Im fine with Ms.Blunt. She definately has what Holmes didnt. Dont like McAdams though.
Hmmm, she definitely looks more mature than Katie. I have yet to see Devil Wears Prada.
If this is true, Nolan has pulled a Ledger again!
^ Indeed he has and also has made the film even more British.
Well, I couldn´t care less about the whole British/American thing, get the best actor for the role, period. An interesting tidbit is, if I´m not mistaken. Blunt was rumored for a while for Lois Lane. Funny enough, she also looks more mature than Kate Bosworth...
I have no idea who she is and i still hate this recasting crap:csad:
I dont know why Nolan cast HOlmes in the first place, she's not a fantastic actress and she really didnt seem like she could be wiser than Bale's Bruce Wayne in any way shape or form. I bet the studio gave him a short list of younger, more hip actresses that they wanted for the role and she was the least ridiculous. Re-casting sucks... i'd much rather have her back for 2 scenes and get killed by Joker but you cant have it all.
If the Rachel character is back and recast because of WB demands, it must be due to far more than KH's acting capabilities, and face it, the main culprit is the whole TomKat scenario. Look at it from WB's point of view:-

A $150M sequel to a popular and highly successful franchise, with an oscar-nominated actor cast as the lead antagonist, a hotshot new director who's proven himself with award winning work in the past, a good script with characters and story, action, romance. A film that's greeted with acclaim by professional critics, internet fanboys and members of the public audience. A film with heavy marketing and absolutely no competition at the time of its' release. A film that doesn't even make it's production budget in the domestic gross, all due to one of its' stars off-screen antics putting off the general audience. Perfect film and set-up, all ruined by the off-screen scenario.

And no, I'm not talking about TDK (if you haven't already guessed), but last year's MI:III (Sounds a little similar to TDK, though doesn't it?)

Now if you were a major studio, facing that situation because one of your cast members is involved in that fiasco, what would YOU do?
I have no idea who she is and i still hate this recasting crap:csad:

If it helps any, Blunt is a friggin' awesome actress and a credit to anything she appears in. I'm not overly fond of recasting myself but someone like Emily getting the role? Then it's 100% okay with me!

YMMV of course. ;)
I didn't think there was anything wrong with Holmes to be honest. Yeah, she's no Cate Blanchett, but it was the crap dialogue she had to work with that was the real problem. They may as well have stuck a ****ing halo over Rachel's head she was so one dimensional.

Goyer is a great ideas man but he can't write good dialogue (especially for women).
To be fair to Goyer here, Nolan's handle of women is very hit and miss. And I'm a female fan of his. ;)

Having said that, the way Rachel was originally written in the leaked script was quite a bit worse than her eventual appearance, so small mercies and all.

Anyway, I'm throwing my hat in for Blunt. Emily for Dawes!
I don't want "Dawes" at all.

Blunt for Someone Else, Dammit!
That's a good rumor. I think Emily would be far more believable than both McAdams and Holmes. She's pretty but she's not a familiar face to most people and can totally look like a young, tough assistant DA. Holmes could not pull that off for a second.
I don't believe I've seen any of her work. I don't think it will really matter anyway to anybody but us.
I have no idea who she is and i still hate this recasting crap:csad:

I don't want "Dawes" at all.

Blunt for Someone Else, Dammit!

Agreed. And for all the praise Nolan gets for his casting ideas(and I love Nolan) and all the apparent joy of Holmes not returning, shouldn't Nolan get more heat for casting Holmes in the first place? Lets be fair here, this is a problem that he caused.
Im with it. Atleast no Holmes. Not that I hated her in BB but I think Blunt might end up being a good choice. I saw Devil Wears Prada and she wasnt not bad at all although she was a red head and, Im having trouble picturing her as a Gotham DA. It could work through if she's a very good actor.
Blunt has an eerie resemblance to Holmes. If the Racheal part is still in and is being recast, I would want Blunt. It'd pulling the old switcharoo, with the audience being none the wiser.

I'm pro Blunt.
Blunt has an eerie resemblance to Holmes. If the Racheal part is still in and is being recast, I would want Blunt. It'd pulling the old switcharoo, with the audience being none the wiser.

I'm pro Blunt.


Seriously, I bet most of the whiners here will be saying how awesome Blunt is after they've seen TDK.

Just joshing guys. ;)

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