New Punisher Website Is Up!!!!!!

My god, an actually decent photo where you can see the skull.
Thanks to Kevin/Neo_aa for getting this outta the intro!

That pic is great...The guns are koo, and the skull can be seen clearly, tha's the main difference between this and the other shots that were released...This is getting good!!!!!!!!!!
I dig the text logo.

That Tom Jane is cool. :csad:
not impressed with the main image. it looks weak!

still have some hopes but wonder why the delay & now seeing this makes me feel like there's and 'uh-oh' coming...
There a couple of more pics in the gallery on the website.
A very cool launch.

And each gun is smoking. How cool.
I like the splash page. Not much on it yet.
The Punisher War Zone site will eventually be #1 with a bullet. I hope the film is good as there really should be a trilogy of great Punisher films. It is way past time for filmmakers to do justice to this classic character.
I'm really digging those new pictures of Ray as Frank. Going to be awesome. I'm sure before we know it we'll have a teaser soon as well.
About time! Looks cool. Now, let's see a pic of him in a trenchcoat!
Website looks cool, I'm really digging the look of RS as Big Pun.

Now if we could only get some pics of Jigsaw.
I wouldn't be suprised if he never donned the Trench in this film. Seems like his kevlar armour stuff is his main outfit.

Who knows, might make an appearence.
Just watched Outpost today, damn Stevenson is gonna own........
While I enjoyed Tom Jane as the Punisher I wasn't a major fanboy of his.

I got excited when Ray was cast since he seemed to be larger and actually closer to the size of the Punisher of the comics.

I'm going to wait till I see the trailer before judging at all but just from this new pic from the website I don't know about him anymore.

I never saw Rome but I don't care for his face in that pic, it made me chuckle when I first saw it. Shouldn't the Punisher look intimidating at all in the comics???

I hope Ray really pulls it off, I know it's just a single framed shot and all but it still gets me worried. Jane as a much smaller person looked way more intimidating when he needed to.
sweet! finally, the steven seagal comparisons can be put to rest.

i think the main image looks badass, and i love the flashing red one that's right off a cover. this man IS the punisher! glad to see a proper skull on there too. he's not intimidating enough? he's far more intimidating than jane was... to me, jane was great at being gloomy and moody, but he was never really that scary. stevenson on the other hand, looks like a cold blooded motha****a...
The site looks very Bradstreet. I love the crossed arms shot, it looks just like that cover. I'm really excited for the teaser to be released!

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