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Jul 1, 2001
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well... the title says it all... do you want the 70s show to be remastered and released on DVD before SM3 comes out? Lois and Clark is coming out this Summer as a promotional release prior to Superman Returns which is due to be the in summer 2006 in theatres all over the world. Plus, Nic Hammond's potrayal of Peter Parker was brilliant imo.

The 70s Spidey show is a classic... I WANT IT ON DVD!

do u?
i already own the TV movies and the '78 theatrical production titled "Spider-Man Strikes Back" on VHS

would love a DVD release of the whole series
Yeah I would deffinetly be down with the old shows comming out on DVD.
There is no question that it should be released. They have managed to do it with all the other franchises, why not Spidey?
I have been waiting for this since longe before the first movie. Come on decision-making people, do the right thing!
yup... we need like a petition or something to get the studio to release the title...
I know quite a few people that would be interested in buying the 70s series on DVD if it was available... and I definitely would be! :)
I have managed to get them all on VHS with the exception of "The Amazing Spider-man", the pilot made for tv movie. I would kill for this. I remember a guy selling a laser-disc copy on e-bay but everytime I bid he wopped the price up. I got as far as £30 and then came to my senses. Nobody rips off the taff-man!
we require some sort of petition to get the word to the studio that demand for the show still exists
I already have the entire series on VHS, but I would love to own it on dvd.
If it's ever released on DVD I hope they include cast interviews, and other extras.
i would like to have it on dvd too.
but, why are they always so slow to go on to make it on dvd?

btw, what happens here in japan is that there was an announcemnt last year from toei which made a japanese live action spiderman tv series that they would release the series on dvd this coming spring here in japan, and a few months later they suddenly announced that they would postpone the releasing date, and now we've been still waiting for their updated annoucement.
i really hope that they would NOT cancel the release itself.
since Lois and Clark is coming out on and dvd, and oh, the george reeves Superman show from the 50s, im inclined to think that the Spider-Man live action show might come to dvd after all
did someone from the studio hear that?????????!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:
If Nic Hammond Spiderman came onto DvD I would definitely buy it in a heartbeat. I watched the movie and still to this day want to see it again. I think the company should put all the shows on DVD and the TV movie they had.
thats rite... totally in agreement with u Silver Lantern :up:
our votes should reflect that there is actual demand for the show... only then will the studio release it on dvd
I was about 11 or 12 when the pilot first aired, and it absolutely floored me!

I would totally be into a dvd box set, with all the extra features SPIDER-ADDA mentioned above...
Sure, it should come out. I've never seen it, but I'd like to.
its great to see that people are still interested in the show
someone should let the boys know abt this in the studio!

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